The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) on Thursday struck a Russian command post near the occupied city of Sevastopol in the afternoon and then made a separate strike on a military unit in Crimea.

Details of the strike were still emerging at press time.

The AFU said it hit a Russian command post at about 3 p.m. local time.

Meanwhile, Russian sources said their air defenses knocked out ten guided missiles over occupied Sevastopol during the afternoon, with fragments of artillery shells crashing down around the area, AFP reported.

Explosions and air raid sirens were heard in Crimea again on Thursday evening.

The AFP had described “the sound of projectiles whooshing overhead” in the afternoon, and air raid sirens are overheard in videos shared by social media bloggers in Crimea.  

President Volodymyr Zelensky said in his New Year's address that the AFU would bring Ukraine’s “wrath” against Russian forces in 2024, following the large-scale aerial bombardment on Ukrainian cities by Russian forces over the holidays, the largest cities since the beginning of Putin’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.


Ukrainian air defense was mostly able to repel these attacks and launched a counterattack aimed at some of the sources of the missile strikes located in Russia’s Belgorad region.

On Telegram, Air Force Commander, Mykola Oleshchuk, on social media “conveyed his greetings to the invaders in Crimea, saying that he expects the same ‘epic report’ from Sevastopol and Yevpatoria on Jan. 4 from enemy propaganda mouthpieces,” that Moscow announced after similar Ukrainian attacks on Jan. 2.

Why Did Russia Invade Ukraine? Dissecting Moscow’s Ever-Changing Narratives
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Why Did Russia Invade Ukraine? Dissecting Moscow’s Ever-Changing Narratives

While some of the Kremlin’s claims for the Ukraine invasion appear justified at first glance, they were part of a meticulously planned disinformation campaign years in the making.

Ukrainian missiles have had success hitting targets in occupied Crimea over the course of Russia’s invasion, according to British intelligence, destrouying a fifth of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet in the past four months.

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Anyone want Russia?

They are so weak right now, on their knees ready to be conquered.

They are buying missiles from North Korea because they have none left and all their army is dead.

Even Thailand could take Russia right now.
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crimea is a geat holiday destination,just not for those ruskies,ruskies need to check with the travel agent before they go sunbaking down there
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pootins 3 day war turned into a 2 year war,pootin cant count,i think his days in Ukraine are almost done,no army can fight with the huge losses those ruskies are taking,most of there air defence systems are gone,the soldiers are loosing 1000 men per day,sometimes more,pootin does not have an endless supply of gear,men,nor money,Ukraine needs to go after all pootins aircraft,on the ground and in the air,then target all russian military factories and fuel dumps

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@pootin,Ukraine has shown the world just how strong they are,their home grown weapons are amazing,cheap to make and very accurate,stugna-p,seababy drones now with rocket launcher,toloka the big torpedo,fpv drones,they adapt to changes on the battlefield very well,their ability to oursmart the invaders,Ukraine is becoming a powerhouse,maybe Ukraine should start training Nato troops,expensive weapons that cost billions just dont do it,smart troops on the ground gets the job done