St. Petersburg Governor Alexander Beglov asserts that Russian servicemen deployed in Ukraine have spotted “gender-neutral toilets” in local schools, and this revelation makes them fully understand “which values they uphold.”

Sharing this insight on his Telegram channel on Saturday, Jan.13, Beglov detailed his visit to wounded servicemen in a hospital.

“Those who have been to the ‘Ukrainized’ version of Donbas with a machine gun in their hands understand well what we are fighting for,” Beglov stated.

“These guys, having witnessed toilets in schools featuring not just two, but three rooms – for girls, boys, and the gender-neutral – require no explanation about the values we uphold,” he added.


The governor expressed satisfaction after speaking to the military, claiming they “perfectly understand” his sentiments.

This complaint about gender-neutral toilets is not unique to Beglov. In December 2022, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov voiced his disapproval of such facilities in Sweden during the OSCE Council of Foreign Ministers summit.

“I asked, ‘Is this for ladies or for gentlemen?’ They told me, ‘We have everything in common.’ I didn’t believe it, but it really was like that. You have no idea how un-human this is, it's just not human,” the minister said.

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