Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander James Stavridis suggested that both Russia and Ukraine, fatigued by the prolonged war, may find a potential opening for negotiations by the end of this year.

“I think toward the end of this year, probably after the US elections, we’ve got a moment for potential negotiation,” Stavridis said in an interview on “The Cats Roundtable” on WABC 770 AM on Sunday.

He compared the eventual resolution of the war to the Korean scenario, speculating that Russia might retain control over some parts of Ukraine, such as Crimea and the land bridge to Russia, while Ukraine could move towards NATO membership.

“On the other hand, I see Ukraine coming into NATO. I think the outline of that deal will probably become clearer as this year goes on,” Stavridis said.


The Slovak defense minister Robert Kalinyak expressed the same sentiments. Speaking to the Trend outlet, he said: “It’s time to start talking about peace talks between Ukraine and Russia,” adding that Russia’s war against Ukraine “has no military solution.”

“Regardless of how the conflict ends, Ukraine will always have borders with Russia. It [Russia] won't back down,” Kalinyak said.

According to the minister, the situation at the front is now “frozen.”

“Given the state of the military conflict, it is necessary to start talking about peace negotiations. The leaders of the European Union and the United States should participate in them,” the head of the Slovak Defense Ministry added.

Putin Knows What to Expect – Time to Surprise Him and Reduce the Disparity Between Russia and Ukraine
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Putin Knows What to Expect – Time to Surprise Him and Reduce the Disparity Between Russia and Ukraine

It’s time for the US and the West to stop walking on eggshells when it comes to Russia.

More than 80 countries held talks on Jan. 14 to seek common ground on Ukraine’s peace formula at Davos, Switzerland, on the eve of the five-day World Economic Forum summit.

National security advisors from 83 countries held a fourth round of discussions based on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s 10-point proposals for a lasting and just peace in Ukraine, nearly two years on from Russia’s full-scale invasion.


On Aug. 5 and 6, Ukraine started working to gain support for the 10-point plan among the 42 countries that participated in the first organizational peace summit in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Although not every country that participated in the summit was fully on board with every point, most were broadly supportive.

Zelensky first presented the blueprint, sometimes called the “Zelensky Peace Plan” or the “Ukrainian Peace Formula,” at a November summit of the Group of 20 major economies.

But just what are these 10 points?

They start with nuclear security and end with the confirmation of the end of the war in Ukraine with an emphasis on international security and justice.

Kyiv Post presents a summary of Ukraine’s blueprint for peace here.

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It is embarrassing that the US and Europe do not support Ukraine more than they do , the US. were in Afghanistan for 20 years and achieved less than Ukraine in 2 years, and Ukraine is also a much stronger opponent with many more resources !! As a Norwegian I am ashamed of our policies in the west , the western nations governments use every opportunity to go on national TV and tell how much they support, but the truth is that we have only provided 94 Euros per inhabitant, it is ridiculous when we look at the size of Ukraine, the opponent and the way Russia has bombed cities in Ukraine back to the Stone Age, and that we (western nations ) have not lost a single person in the war , we are talking about Europe, democracy and freedom that Ukraine is defending , one can only be ashamed
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What really gets me is that some ppl. are now saying why does Ukraine not just let Russia have the areas /land it’s just a small part of Ukraine anyway.....

A small part of Ukraine ...WE ARE taking about a land mass is almost 200,000 sq km
In EU terms thats the size of Belgium, Holland, luxembourg and Greece all put together..

In UK terms that the size of all of Scotland , Wales and 80% of England all put together !!

In US terms is the size of South Carolina, West Virginia and New Jersey all put together !!

Why the f. should Ukraine give Russia all that land for what? TO ONLY be invaded some years later when Russia as had a brake and regrouped ,rebuilt its army and fortified positions !!

I SAY RUSSIA GETS TO TAKE LAND AND DEMAND UKRAINE CAN NOT JOIN NATO IS NOT ACCEPTABLE AT ALL !! Nobody wants to be a "buffer country".  NO nation wants to have a little bit of freedom !!!! ; The whole concept is demeaning to an independent nation. NO nation wants to have a little bit of freedom  and self-determination, like some sort of 2nd class country; That is not right, and Russia has no right to demand or bully Ukrainians or Ukraine to accept that Ukraine and its ppl. should become some sort of lap dog on a leash 2nd class country to serve kremlins geopolitical agenda; so Kremlin, Putin and RuZZans can feel better about themselves ...
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Eastern European countries (ex soviet countries like Poland the baltic states ect ect ..) joined NATO because they are scared of Russia and want to be and stay independent. Nobody forced them to join NATO they was the ones running and knocking and begging to be able to join NATO and the EU ,,, .

When Russia invaded Ukraine Russia then just showed why it was a good idea for those countries to join NATO, because if they didn't they might just have got invaded as well just like Ukraine and Georgia did .

During Soviet times those Eastern European countries were nothing less than Russia puppet states. If they didn't join NATO after the fall of the USSR then they for sure couldn't guarantee their own independence from Russia.

Nato did nothing wrong, the only mistake was Ukraine not joining NATO to ensure Ukraines independence; Remember former satellite states like Poland, Romania, Czech Republic and The Baltic states, Slovakia ect ect all came running by their own accord, knocking, kicking, screaming and banging at the front door of EU and NATO begging to come in, no one forced them into it .

If Russia was not such a asshole country and stoped constantly bulling neighboring countries maybe other neighboring countries will not need to join NATO and by more open and welcoming to Russia ..
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When military aid is delayed due to political infighting and former Nato generals are making a case for Russia to keep certain parts of Ukraine, it only strenghtens Putin’s regime. They will think that they were right all along and think that if they just manage to hold on to the territories they currently occupy, the US and Europe will loose heart and Russia will eventually get what it wants.

Only one common message should be expressed: a full restoration of the 1991 borders, generous compensations and yes, Ukraine will become a Nato member.
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The “prolonged war” has only run two years so far, and most wars last four or five years.
Premature negotiations is a losing situation for Ukraine.

This war will eventually end with the Donbas as a semi-autonomous zone and Russia having a long term lease on Sevastopol. Both areas will be Ukrainian territory.

Russia is hurting a lot more than they are letting on. They thought that they would roll into Ukraine and it would be all over in a week. Putin could be assassinated at any time from within. Tighten the vice.

NATO, this is no time to go all wobbly, as the great Margaret Thatcher might say.