Ukrainian hackers working within Ukraine's Military Intelligence (HUR) have successfully breached Russian drone control programs. According to the report, the special operation targeted the software utilized by Russian forces to modify their DJI drones for combat purposes.

As a result, servers responsible for the “friend or foe” identification system ceased to function, resulting in the Russian military losing access to their drones.

The “hacked”software also prevented Moscow’s drone operators from configuring control panels, stream video to command posts and control drones via computer instead of remote controls.

Preliminary findings suggest that Ukrainian cyberattacks disrupted the servers supporting the Russian drone flashing project, rendering all associated software inaccessible to Russian forces.


Without server access, control of drones through remote controls is likely impossible, forcing Russians to resort to manual control methods.

This incident follows a successful cyber operation by HUR in January. Hackers then targeted the Far Eastern scientific research centre of space hydrometeorology “Planet” – a Russian state enterprise responsible for receiving and processing military satellite data.

The attack, attributed to cyber volunteers from the BO Team group, resulted in the destruction of 280 servers and a loss of approximately 2 petabytes (2 million gigabytes) of data.

Ukraine Says Downed 29 Russian Drones
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Ukraine Says Downed 29 Russian Drones

The Ukrainian air force said air defence systems had intercepted the Shahed attack drones over the central Poltava region, the southern Odesa region and the western Lviv region, bordering Poland.

The estimated value of the digital array lost by Russia is at least $10 million, the HUR reports.

This Russian federal-level state enterprise is involved in receiving and processing satellite data, providing essential products to over 50 state entities, primarily the military, according to Ukrainian intelligence.

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