Agents of the Atesh partisan movement documented the arrival of a substantial fleet of Russian tanks at the Yevpatoriya railway station in occupied Crimea, according to a post on their Telegram channel.

The partisans released pertinent videos, highlighting that “the successful actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the front are forcing the occupiers to deplete their reserves.”

They also provided the coordinates of the tank parking lot:

The partisans closely monitored the unloading process of the tanks at Yevpatoriya’s Tovarna station.

“After unloading, our agent counted more than 30 T-62 tanks,” the report disclosed.

These are Soviet-era tanks manufactured before 1975 and are now decommissioned in Russia.

“The lack of new models of tanks on the battlefield and their replacement with old ones will not greatly increase the firepower of the occupiers,” the partisans said.


“Anyway, not all of these tanks are expected to reach the front lines,” they added.

In addition to their observations in Yevpatoriya, agents of the partisan movement conducted surveillance in the Crimean village of Hvardiiskе, where they uncovered the storage location of a range of Russian military equipment.

The guerrillas published relevant photos and videos documenting their findings.

“During our reconnaissance, our agents uncovered a depot of military equipment, including KAMAZ trucks, artillery tractors, and Msta-B howitzers,” the report detailed.

Russian Pacific Fleet Rotations to Syria Stopped, All Personnel Sent to Ukraine
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Russian Pacific Fleet Rotations to Syria Stopped, All Personnel Sent to Ukraine

Ukrainian intelligence reports that by the decision of the commander of the Russian Pacific Fleet, all personnel are being sent to Ukraine to replenish the personnel after significant losses.

According to the partisans, the Russian troops intend to utilize this equipment to transfer personnel and artillery installations toward the Kherson direction.

Atesh also reported that their agents overheard conversations among Russian soldiers expressing reluctance to be deployed to Krynky, in the Kherson region, or Robotyne, in the Zaporizhzhia region.

As per the partisans, they learned about significant losses suffered by Kremlin forces in these sectors, with Russian soldiers being thrown to “the slaughter.”


“In small groups of 5-10 individuals, they are compelled to storm positions, with only 2-3 returning,” the report read.

Earlier, members of the Atesh partisan movement posted a report detailing their surveillance of Russian troop fortifications and a military unit within occupied Crimea.

The partisans closely observed Russia’s construction progress and strategic defense plans, noting continual efforts by Russian forces to fortify their positions in the occupied territories.

On Feb. 19, Ukrainian partisans shared images depicting the arrival of Wagner mercenaries in Dzhankoi within the temporarily occupied Crimea.

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