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In connection with the second anniversary of Russia launching its all-out war against Ukraine, we have invited a number of prominent political, business and military people, analysts and journalists, to share their thoughts on what this somber date means for them and for all of us.

Roman Waschuk

Two years of all-out war, air strikes and floodgates opened - and Ukraine’s entrepreneurs keep on rebuilding and innovating. Thankfully, there are arms of government which are supporting and enabling business via grant and loan programs. Unfortunately, there are also arms of the state which are reaching out to impede and imperil economic activity. Existentially important external financial support should be predicated on helping the former forces prevail over the latter. That will lay the groundwork for a sustained recovery on the road to victory.


Roman Washchuk is Business Ombudsman and former Canadian Ambassador to Ukraine.

Rinat Akhmetov

The conflict that began for Ukraine and for us in 2014 has escalated into a full-scale and particularly brutal war over the past two years. And it is still ongoing. This means all of us must intensify our efforts toward our collective victory.

In the coming year, I and all SCM businesses are going to amplify our support for our Defense Forces and Ukrainian civilians. We will continue to help the Ukrainian Army by constructing underground shelters, producing mine sweepers, and providing essential equipment and resources for saving lives.

Ukraine Regains Position Near Chasiv Yar as Russia Intensifies Offensive
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Ukraine Regains Position Near Chasiv Yar as Russia Intensifies Offensive

The capture of Chasiv Yar could be both a strategic and symbolic victory for Moscow ahead of the May 9 Victory Day, but Ukraine stands defiant in its defense before Western supplies arrive.

Most importantly, we will continue to support people – the Ukrainian civilians affected by the Russian aggression, the defenders of Mariupol who will continue to receive all the support they need, and the veterans who made it possible for us to live on our land, in a sovereign and independent Ukraine.

Our assistance will not wane until peace reigns over the skies of Ukraine once again. I am confident that we will defeat the enemy together and build a new, strong, and flourishing Ukraine.


Rinat Akhmetov is President of System Capital Management (SCM)

Andy Hunder

Ukrainians have inspired the free world. It's been two years since lionhearted Ukrainians took on this existential fight and continue to defend freedom, sovereignty, and independence, confronting the brutal Russian invasion.

84% of AmCham members have employees who are serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 29% have had instances of employees killed; 30% of companies have had their plants and facilities damaged.

But despite the hardship, suffering, and losses, and inspired by the brave defenders, the business community continues to operate and believe in Ukraine, keeping the economy running, taxes paid, and Ukrainians employed.

Ukraine remains open for business. According to AmCham's latest survey, 86% of AmCham members are fully operational.

Give us the tools, and we will finish the job – a bold signal AmCham Ukraine is sending today to the United States and international partners on the continuation of military and financial support.

Now is the time to support Ukraine as global security is at stake.

Andy Hunder is President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine.

Anna Derevyanko

Observations we perceive among the EBA members - during these two years of the war, business survived and continues to work.


At the beginning of the war, we had companies that did not work (29% in March, 4% in April), now there are none. Business continues to pay taxes and pay salaries to employees.

During this period, we observed minor changes in the financial stability of companies. This does not mean that business does not incur losses. It's just that during this period, companies are gradually finding ways to continue working and developing. And the picture is similar to the losses of companies.

At the same time, during these 2 years problems and issues that are relevant for business have changed.

At the beginning the issues of energy, macroeconomic stability, stability of the banking system, and the stability of the telecommunications system were relevant. Now, issues related to people have come to the fore - reservation of employees, mobilization, migration, and the difficulty of finding qualified personnel for vacancies.

Nevertheless, business believes in the future, it continues to invest, improves expectations regarding the financial income of the already existing business, etc.

How can further business sustainability be promoted? We, as a country, need more trust and unity – between business and authorities, society, and authorities, etc.


It is shaped by communications. Honestly, business has no desire to attack the government, understand challenges that are in place complexity of decisions.

However, companies want to be heard. Therefore, it is important to build platforms where we can hear each other or, at least, have an opportunity to talk.

This dialogue, for sure, will motivate companies not just to stop but to move further; will help us to understand that they are important.

Anna Derevyanko is Executive Director at European Business Association, Kyiv.

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@SHAME ON troll JACK GRIFFIN (post now deleted?), 

I don't think anyone wishes ill towards a hypothetical 'Jack Griffin' who wants to help Ukraine. However that Jack's message would need to :

- not continually bash those allies and related leadership that are already helping Ukraine so much. 

- not use profanity to berate reputable Kyivpost authors trying to make a case for more Ukraine support, or bring to light the nefarious activities of Putrid's network.

- Not use profanity and childish bullying techniques to abuse every other Ukraine supporter on Kyivpost.

- Not push lies like putinrump will somehow save Ukraine. Its a troll give a way when they promote people with a known affiliation with russian money and organized crime, +4091 legal cases, 2 impeachments including for insurrection, political meddling, who regularly lavishes praise on russia's tyrant leader, and attempts directly and through his MRGA minions allied support for Ukraine. 

Any of the above acts would essentially negate words of apparent Ukraine support in most our minds. 

The MRGA troll "jack" does all of the above in about 69% of their postings and 100% of their rebuttals.

Perhaps an original Jack Griffin once existed and posted purely Ukraine supportive posts, but if so that account's long been hy"jack"ed by a troll subversively pushing Putrid's agenda.

So which 'Jack are you today?
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This has been another defining moment for Ukraine. It a hugely respectable thing that the vast majority of Ukrainians even after years of russian propaganda, manipulation, corruption and violence definitively know that their independence is worth fighting for. The soldiers now with missing limbs are self driven to contribute again to Ukraine's defence. Those that lost love ones, honour them but in unison continue their support of Ukraine's defence. The leadership works around the clock intelligently to organize & elicit foreign support for Ukraine's defence

One only needs to observe what happens to opponents of Putin to know that is a system that must be avoided at all costs. One only needs to observe that leaving flowers at the grave of a putin murdered love one makes you his opponent. One only needs to see trying to bring about change peacefully in a thug kingdom is impossible.

It has made even those in Ukraine that probably once prospered from being on the inside track (corruption), realize that was wrong and that their nation and peoples survival comes before individual profit

The evil ways of putin regime have been well exposed and there is no hiding it ever again. Ukraine for all its suffering now will leave behind a russian style society full of state run corruption, suppression and violence.

They will achieve great things with their continued unity. Their hero's will be honoured and remembered for the immense sacrifice's made.

grack jiffin
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@John, the way you harassed this griffin fascist figure so extensively that he has become spam here on kyivpost is great

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@grack jiffin, Thanks. Anyway, anyone at anytime can help Ukraine defeat russia either physically or in debunking its propaganda ....well thats a benevolent thing.

As far as I'm concerned this is a priority for all democratic and freedom seeking citizens world wide.

Thanks for your Ukraine supportive efforts!
robert hansen
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Rinat Akhmetov is a god old boy criminal and former gangster and Party of Regions and runner boy and bull dog for Moscow that has now based on convenient circumstances is now palying nice doggy presenting himself as a good Ukrainian patriot ; but his history and actins show he is anything but !!