Ukraine is set to produce two million drones this year, Hanna Hvozdyar, Deputy Minister of Strategic Industries, said during the TV marathon on Tuesday,  March 5.

At the same time, she acknowledged that the current needs of Ukrainian troops far surpass the country's financial capabilities, even with the assistance of partners.

"Even with our partners, it would be difficult for us. However, we are working in this direction," Hvozdyar stated.

"We are ramping up drone production," she added.

Hvozdyar addressed doubts raised among Ukrainians by President Zelensky's statement about producing a million drones, clarifying that "in terms of production, we are far beyond a million."

"I am confident that this year we will reach the mark of 2 million," Hvozdyar emphasized.

Highlighting the capability of Ukrainian drone manufacturers, the deputy minister mentioned they can already produce up to 150,000 units monthly.


The drone sector in Ukraine involves around 200 domestic companies, with nearly 60 of them already included in state orders.

In an interview with The Independent, Oleksandr Kamyshin, the Minister of Strategic Industries, emphasized Ukraine's urgent need for ammunition due to the ongoing war with Russia. He noted that Ukraine requires an amount of ammunition that "no single country can deliver," including the United States.

Kamyshin also highlighted that the capabilities of Ukraine's defense industry far exceed the funding currently available for its support.

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Ukraine is positioning itself as a global pioneer in unmanned technologies, according to Kamyshin, with UAVs becoming a crucial weapon on modern battlefields.

He expressed confidence that this year, Ukraine will produce over a million FPV drones and thousands capable of flying more than 1,000 km, reaching oil refineries in Russia.

In a meeting with Ukrainian and international journalists at the end of 2023, President Zelensky stated: "We will produce one million drones next year. We will make a million. We will do everything to make it happen."

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Joseph King
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Imagine Ukraine launching 1,000 long range drones at #russiaTerroristState military targets over three nights. That's 330 drones a night. Targets sure would burn and then the people will know what Ukraine experiences at the hands of #russiaTerroristMissiles . Maybe then the people will rise up and get rid of the little Putler maniac.