The Ukraine-allied Russian volunteer fighters – which have now infiltrated Russia’s Belgorod and Kursk regions – are bringing the fight to Russia to highlight the counterfeit nature of upcoming sham elections, volunteer-fighter Alexey Baranovsky said, in exclusive comments to Kyiv Post.

“We timed this operation to coincide with the week of electoral procedures, and as concerned citizens of Russia, we decided to express our opinion about these elections and the Putin regime,” Baranovsky, of the Freedom of Russia Legion (LSR) told Kyiv Post – even as combat continued in Belgorod and Kursk.

The LSR, along with the Russian Volunteer Corps (RDK) and volunteers affiliated with the Siberian Battalion are all now on the other side of Ukraine’s border, fighting against the Russian army in Russia.


Baranovksy said that it’s crucial the volunteer fighters’ message is heard both in Russia and abroad.

“We appeal to the entire international community, Western countries, the United States, and their leadership so that they do not recognize Putin as a legitimate president after these elections,” he said.

Baranovsky said upcoming elections in both Russia and occupied Ukrainian territories are neither free nor competitive.

“According to Russian laws, in a state of actual martial law, no elections or referendums can be held, but they are still proceeding with them,” he said. “Therefore, even under Russian law, these elections must be recognized as illegal. We, as concerned citizens, have decided to draw the attention of all interested observers, primarily the international community, to this fact.”

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The Russian Ministry of Defense reports that the preliminary cause of the accident is a technical malfunction.

Baranovsky said that the Russian volunteer-fighters’ battle with the Russian army is “evolving.”

“We are actively utilizing drones. Several units of armored vehicles from the Russian Armed Forces have been destroyed, including infantry fighting vehicles.”


When questioned about the rumored evacuation of Belgorod region governor Vyacheslav Gladkov and his entourage, Baranovsky would neither confirm nor deny.

Alexey Baranovsky, Source: Facebook


“Gladkov is not a fool. He understands that he has a strong chance of being among the first to face the International Tribunal,” Baranovsky said. “Therefore, it would not be surprising if this pseudo-governor were to be the first to flee Belgorod.”

Baranovsky confirmed reports that civilian houses were shelled by the Russian army in combat with the anti-Putin fighters.

“This is the typical warfare style of Putin’s army. Just as they disregarded civilian casualties in Ukraine, they are doing the same on their territory,” Baranovsky said.

When the Russian military believes that rebel assault troops or Russian anti-Kremlin forces are present in certain areas, they unleash gunfire, mortars, and artillery indiscriminately, Baranovsky said.

“We are no longer in that vicinity, but this doesn't stop them from wiping off the residential buildings of their fellow citizens from the face of the earth,” he said. “This is the warfare style demonstrated by Putin’s army.”


Earlier in the day, the Legion announced that the village of Tyotkino in the Kursk region had come under their complete control.

“Putin's army quickly flees the village, abandoning positions and leaving behind heavy equipment,” the LSR stated.

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