President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday lauded Moscow’s nuclear arsenal and warned that he was ready to employ the weapons if Russia’s sovereignty was threatened.

In an interview with Russian propagandist Dmitry Kiselyov on March 12, the Kremlin Chief said that if the US military were to enter Ukraine, Russia would “treat them as interventionists.”

The Kremlin has touted its nuclear prowess throughout its two-year full-scale offensive in Ukraine, last month warning Western countries there was a “real” risk of nuclear catastrophe if they escalated the conflict.

“Our triad, the nuclear triad, it is more modern than any other triad. Only we and the Americans actually have such triads. And we have advanced much more here,” Putin said in a wide-ranging interview with state media.


The term Nuclear triad refers to a nation’s ability to employ nuclear warheads using three different methods of delivery, which includes land-based intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) and ground launched shorter range theater-level weapons, airborne bombers with human aircrew members on board, and ballistic missiles launched by submerged submarines.

A simplified description for the layperson is that it is a three-pronged arsenal of weapons launched from land, air and sea. Such triad-based nuclear weapons doctrines were originally meant to deter all nations from using any of these weapons, because if one leg of the triad failed the others would likely succeed, ensuring the other nuclear powers would never deliver a first strike or be destroyed.

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Ukrainian Drones Destroy Radio Communication Center 680 km Inside Russia

Kyiv Post sources confirmed the attack on the 590th separate radio technical unit of the military unit 84680, located in Kovylkino, Mordovia, Russia.

Such doctrines were adopted by the US, USSR, and nuclear-armed European nations with the implication that any first strike with a nuclear weapon could trigger a very quick globally disaster that would bring about mutually assured destruction, or MAD. The concept was designed to make it so no sane leader, only an insane or mad person would risk such catastrophe of their own nation.

“We are ready to use weapons, including any weapons – including the weapons you mentioned – if it is a question of the existence of the Russian state or damage to our sovereignty and independence,” Putin added in the interview, which aired on Wednesday.


Putin’s latest comments come just days ahead of elections in Russia that are all but guaranteed to hand him another six years in power and as his military posts gains in Ukraine.

The Russian president believes that the United States is actively developing its nuclear forces and increasing their sophistication. At the same time, he says he hopes that America is “hardly ready to start a nuclear war tomorrow.”

Earlier, CNN published information that at the end of 2022, the Russian authorities were considering the use of tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine after the successful actions of the Ukrainian military in the Kharkiv and Kherson regions.

However, Putin claimed that he was ready to use nuclear weapons only under certain conditions.

“We have our principles. What they say is that we are ready to use weapons, including any weapon, including the one you mentioned, if it comes to the existence of the Russian state, harm to our sovereignty and independence. Everything is spelled out in our strategy, we have not changed it,” Putin said.

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What a clown!
David Steel
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The young people of Russia will not wish to join a sick old man on his quest for an early grave.

The Russian people know he is a failure, he has wrecked their economy and now the three day operation has turned into potential nuclear war.

It is clear to any Russian that Putin has been wrong about everything, he has united the free world against him and lost control of the situation.
Mark Rockford
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It’s incredible that Putin and his cronies don’t understand the weakness they are betraying with their constant talk of nuclear weapons. The consequences of Russia’s actions are unavoidable. Nuclear saber-rattling is useless.
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the nuclear winter after a totall thermonuclear war will level out heating by climate change
so bring it on
this tramp zacharova stated that any involvement of NATO in arms and ammo or troops will get things out of hands
well the rasshist started this all on the bases of lies and made arguments (lies)
the rasshists abused Ukraine to get leverage against NATO
cocksucker vladolf putler with his shitty shitty army is just afraid of NATO to face it head on
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Russia's existence is threatened by the bullshit its president says
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yeah, yeah....who cares. Not counting putin mouthpiece's Simonyan, Solovyov & Medevev's near daily nuclear threats, Russia has officially made nuclear threats at least 16 different times. But its always solely about its sovereignty being externally threatened. Russia's sovereignty is not being threatened by any allied support to Ukraine.

They always do this when allies ramp up support for Ukraine. 
When putin says tomorrow 'take back the Patriots or I push the button', what then? How about don't give Ukraine F16s next month or else? How about when he says let me have Moldova or
I blast all Europe to ashes? How about if you don't elect my buddy putinrump I'm firing a nuclear missile at Washington? Bullies can't be accommodated or negotiated with. They must be defeated physically.

Putin will not use nuclear weapons in Ukraine. With some Biden government cajoling, even China and India have now drawn a 'no nucs' line for putin. He dare not cross it solely to steal a neighbouring country. The allies only help Ukraine with its own defence....entirely fair game.

The Russian's (RDK, SLR..etc) fighting putin orcs in russia....thats just another long overdue russian revolution brewing to dispose of a despot leader.

The EU and its other allies can sell / donate anything they want to Ukraine. They can legally and morally actively deploy in Ukraine at that war victim nations request.

Jack Griffin
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@John, wake up! Even the slight possibility of a nuclear conflict should the scare the shit out of anyone with a brain. Nobody would win. Times for these dumb fucks to make peace. And yes, that means Russia should get the fuck out of the Ukraine.

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@Jack briben Griffin,

There is no possibility of nuclear war and that's why no one other than the MRGA movement is worried. The 750 day continuous daily russian nuclear threat bluff has run its course; to many it lost its threat value on day 3 but some allies had shaky knees for the first 1.5 years. Russia's nuclear threats are now meaningless because the grounds for him to be legitimately be able to use them will never exist. Nuclear powers China, India, Pakistan, USA, France, UK, Israeli have all made it clear Russia cannot use nuclear weapons to assist in stealing a neighbouring country. If DPRK say otherwise what?

Even if putin were a crazy man (as opposed to the calculated psychopath he is), he would first be murdered by others in his regime. Many of those will remain quite wealthy even post russia losing in Ukraine. They prefer their luxurious life to also being dead.

The thought of minimal loyal Russia military personal remaining after his failed Ukraine wars is quite appealing. The Russian mobs will have a heyday redistributing him (...and his wealth). They will gladly help putin find peace.

Its karma time troll Jack. Get on board the karma train..Choo ....Choo.....

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@John, bro although I tend to agree with what you say in comments we cannot be sure that if putin was in Ill health and and has nothing to loose that he wouldn't do something so stupid as to launch a nuke even tactical, (I know a nuke is a nuke lol) because nato troops actually being in Ukraine. Do you honestly believe he has not surrounded himself by certain security measures and yes men thus being the reason no one except the wagner madman prigozhin (for wich he is now allegedly dead) has tried to do a military coup or just taken putin out. In my opinion we can not be absolutely sure that when all else fails putin the psychopath won't turn to nukes which will change every thing. And im not a troll lol just an opinion.

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@OG.Lou, Sadly failure to call any tyrants' bluff subjugates the free world to a dismal life under their command.

Where would he draw the next immoral line we have to step behind to serve his insatiable greed and malice?

At any rate as expected the kremlins are already back tracking on that latest threat. The war just might wrap up faster than some allies expect.

Boots on the ground, in the air and on the Black Sea in Ukraine's defence allies! You've dallied much too long already. Now get to work.
Jack Grffin
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@John, you are a fucking idiot. And a war monger also. Go fuck yourself asswipe.

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@Jack Grffin, I see putin is already back tracking on his latest irresponsible nuclear threat.

Still it too late for him and his regime....It's karma time troll Jack. Get onboard the karma train jack..Choo ….Choo...Its heading toward a broken trestle no longer spanning a deep canyon..a kleptocrat needed the rails for their private boat launch.

Choo ….Choo..background music playing Bob Marley (unexpectedly a putin favourite)

"Don't worry about a thing,
'Cause every little thing gonna be alright
Singing' don't worry about a thing
'Cause every little thing gonna be alright"

Its all going according to putins 3 day SMO plan.

Jack Griffin
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@John, fu, choo choo, fu choo choo. Get you fucking head examined, choo choo, you dumb fuck, choo choo, choo chooo

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