Russian volunteer forces fighting alongside Kyiv say they destroyed two Russian ammunition warehouses in the village of Tyotkino, located in the Kursk region, which they previously claimed to have been captured.

The precise moment of the destruction was captured by a drone camera and subsequently published on the official Telegram channel affiliated with the Kyiv-aligned militias, which are fighting against the Kremlin and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“While Putin's army is destroying civilian homes, the Legion's gunners filigreed two ammunition depots of Putin's troops in Tetkino,” the Freedom of Russia Legion (LSR) says. “It burns beautifully.”


According to a knowledgeable Ukrainian military representative who spoke with Kyiv Post, the video depicts the movement of Russian troops' armored vehicles, specifically BTR-80s, and the initiation of artillery fire towards a potential enemy gathering point.

Kyiv Post has not independently verified the authenticity of the Freedom of Russia Legion claims regarding the presence of ammunition depots.

Although the video shows fires in two private houses, the nature of the flames does not imply the presence of ammunition, as there is no visible detonation of shells or gunpowder.

“While the presence of military armored vehicles does not confirm the existence of enemy ammunition depots, the halt of equipment suggests possible infantry landing or loading of storm units,” the military representative told Kyiv Post.

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“It is reasonable to assume a high likelihood of personnel accumulation or deployment points in the region,” they added.

Fighting between pro-Ukrainian Russian fighters and Russian forces has resumed in Russia’s Belgorod region.

The pro-Ukrainian groups engaged in the fighting near the Ukrainian border were the Russian Volunteer Corps (RDK), Freedom of Russian Legion (LSR) and the Siberia Battalion.


The fighting started on Tuesday, March 12, in what the groups said was months of planning for actions meant to coincide with Putin’s “sham elections.”

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