Russian anti-Kremlin volunteers released a video on Telegram depicting the destruction of Russian military equipment, including transport vehicles with personnel, and fortified positions.

The Freedom of Russia Legion reported the destruction of priority targets on the outskirts of Zhuravlevka (Belgorod region), claiming that “Russian liberation forces regularly deprive Putin’s troops of surveillance systems and battlefield communications.”

The published footage depicted the destruction of electronic signals intelligence equipment, an infantry fighting vehicle, several military personnel transport cars, a military personnel transport truck, and the elimination of a D-30 howitzer.

The video also documented the destruction of a Russian warehouse and the neutralization of a control center.


In a previous claim, Russian volunteer forces asserted the successful destruction of a Russian Armed Forces' ammunition warehouse in Tyotkino village, Kursk region, previously reported as captured. Drone footage captured the moment of the warehouse's destruction, shared on the official LSR's Telegram channel.

Russian anti-Putin volunteers reported significant losses inflicted on the Russian army in Belgorod and Kursk regions. As of March 18, reported losses in the border regions included 613 military personnel permanently lost, 829 injured, and 27 captured.

The militias detailed a substantial list of destroyed Russian equipment, including seven tanks (three T-72 and one T-72BZ), twenty infantry fighting vehicles (BMP-2 and BMP-3), six D-30 howitzers, two self-propelled howitzers 2S19 Msta-S, among others.

A New Phase in Arms Production: from American Warehouses to Ukrainian Factories
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A New Phase in Arms Production: from American Warehouses to Ukrainian Factories

In response to Russia's armed aggression Ukraine, once the world's breadbasket, has had to focus more on reinforcing it military arsenal along with most countries in the West.

Additionally, the volunteers claimed the disabling of various Russian military assets, including personnel concentration areas, ammunition depots, dugouts, towers with antenna systems, fortifications, video surveillance cameras, a cellular communication station, and a bridge in Gorkovsky village.

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