Russian volunteer forces aligned with Kyiv claim to have successfully destroyed another Russian Armed Forces’ ammunition warehouse in the village of Tyotkino, in Russia’s Kursk region, which they had previously reported as captured.

The precise moment of the warehouse's destruction was captured by a drone camera and shared on the official Telegram channel of the Freedom of Russia Legion (LSR).

“Engulfed in flames... [We] decimated Putin's army's ammunition depot in Tyotkino. Stay tuned for more,” read the caption accompanying the video.

The footage revealed artillery operated by the Russian volunteers targeting a non-residential, single-story building. After the second strike, a fire broke out which led to the detonation of the stored ammunition.


An officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), speaking to Kyiv Post, highlighted the fact that the video showed how the initial ammunition detonation threw other munitions and smaller explosive components out which the detonated as the scattered, significantly increasing the affected area.

Earlier the Russian volunteer forces said they had destroyed another two Russian ammunition warehouses in the village of Tyotkino.

Kyiv Post couldn't independently verify the LSR claims as, while this video showed fires in two buildings there was no visible detonation.

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