In the Samara region of Russia, a series of “several drone attacks” targeted local oil refineries, as reported by Governor Dmitriy Azarov via Telegram.

One of these strikes resulted in a fire at the Kuibyshev refinery, Azarov said, highlighting there were no casualties. The Kuibyshev refinery, operated by Russian oil giant Rosneft, stands as one of Samara's largest, boasting an annual production capacity of seven million tonnes, as per its official website.

Azarov also wrote that another drone attack, this time on the Novokuibyshevsk refinery in the region, was repelled without causing damage to the facility's technological equipment.

Meanwhile, the Russian defense ministry released a statement detailing the destruction of “12 Ukrainian drones” during overnight operations. These strikes targeted regions bordering Ukraine, including Bryansk (5 UAVs), Belgorod (5 UAVs), and Voronezh (one UAV), alongside one UAV downed in Saratov.


In Belgorod, Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov took to Telegram to report the impact of drone attacks on two districts.

“It's shaping up to be a difficult morning,” he said. 

According to him, two people died and seven more were injured in Belgorod and the region.

“There was various damage in 69 apartments of 14 apartment buildings, in four private residential households and three economic entities,” the governor wrote.

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Erdogan's comments came as NATO leaders huddled in Washington and Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Russia was planning "response measures" to contain the "very serious threat" from the alliance.

Russian media reports reveal the aftermath of drone strikes in Belgorod, with the “Mont Blanc” business center among the damaged high-rise buildings.

Furthermore, UAVs targeted the Oskol electrometallurgical plant, leading to loud explosions and harrowing scenes captured by residents on video.


Despite the intensity of the attacks, the company's press service confirmed no casualties or significant damage at the plant, which serves as a key supplier to Russia's defense industry.

These strikes come amid escalating tensions between Russia and Ukraine, with Kyiv ramping up retaliatory attacks on Russian soil, particularly focusing on energy sites. The US reportedly urged Kyiv to cease its strikes on Russian oil refineries, citing concerns about soaring crude prices and potential reprisals.


The timing of these events coincides with a flurry of successful Ukrainian strikes on Russian oil facilities, just ahead of Russia’s recent presidential election. Vladimir Putin's victory in an election marred by questions of legitimacy was shadowed by Ukraine's potent drone capabilities, putting the majority of western Russia's oil refineries at risk, as noted by former CIA analyst Helima Croft.

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