Former US President Donald Trump, speaking in a private conversation, has allegedly suggested pressuring Ukraine to give Crimea and Donbas to Russia to end the war, the Washington Times reported, citing sources.

Trump, according to the WP’s interlocuters,believes both countries want a way out of the war while saving face, with some Ukrainians “possibly open to joining Russia.”

The revelation of Trump’s plan for Ukraine surfaced during a meeting at the Heritage Foundation in November, as detailed by former Trump White House aide Michael Anton to anonymous sources.

Anton outlined a proposal wherein Ukraine would cede territories to Putin while NATO expansion would be curtailed, to ease tensions with Russia.

However, when approached directly by The Washington Post, Anton clarified that he hadn’t been in contact with Trump for nearly two years and was unaware of any recent plans concerning Ukraine.


If pursued, Trump’s proposal would be a strategically significant departure from the current approach taken by President Joe Biden, who has prioritized supporting Ukraine and countering Russian aggression.

The potential shift in policy could expand Putin’s sphere of influence and has elicited opposition even among some of Trump’s supporters.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, who maintains frequent communication with Trump, emphasized that Putin “cannot win” and advocated for Ukraine’s accession to NATO and the European Union as a means to end the war.

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However, Trump has reportedly remained ambiguous publicly on these matters.

Responding to speculations about Trump’s plan, his campaign headquarters dismissed them as originating from uninformed sources. The campaign spokeswoman reiterated Trump’s focus on halting violence but provided no further details on his proposed strategy.

Trump’s statements on Ukraine have drawn scrutiny in the past, with him previously asserting the ability to swiftly end the war if he were president.


President Volodymyr Zelensky expressed openness to hearing Trump’s “peace plan” in November 2023 but rejected the notion of ceding territory to Russia.

The issue of aid to Ukraine remains contentious, with Trump calling on Republicans to block assistance and suggesting providing financing on a loan basis.

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