On Wednesday, April 17, a Russian Mi-8 multipurpose helicopter was destroyed in the Russian city of Samara, 800 kilometers from the border with Ukraine, the military’s Main Intelligence Directorate (HUR) reported.

The helicopter was destroyed at the Kryazh airfield.


HUR posted on its Telegram channel: “The Russian army used this aircraft in the war against Ukraine to transport weapons and personnel.

“A helicopter of this type can cost between $10 million to $15 million.”

HUR did not comment on how the helicopter was destroyed or who destroyed it. Rather, they posted a still image of a helicopter and a blurry video of something burning. Kyiv Post has not been able to verify the video.


Kyiv Post's sources within intelligence said that the destruction of the helicopter “was a planned sabotage.”

Video of Mi-8 helicopter destruction

Mi-8's characteristics

The Mi-8 (NATO codification: Hip) is a multi-purpose helicopter developed by the Milya Design Bureau in the early 1960s. It is one of the most mass-produced twin-engine helicopters in the world, and is also among the most mass-produced helicopters in the history of aviation. It is widely used to perform a variety of civilian and military tasks.

Navigation and flight instruments as well as radio equipment allow the Mi-8 to fly at any time of the day in both simple and difficult weather conditions. The helicopter is equipped with a heating system (a KO-50 kerosene heater is used) and ventilation to maintain a comfortable temperature in the cockpit and cargo cabin.

Appearance of Ukrainian Drones in Tatarstan Closes Airports and Enterprises
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Appearance of Ukrainian Drones in Tatarstan Closes Airports and Enterprises

Russian social media reports that two airports were closed accompanied by mass employee evacuations after two drones were spotted over Tatarstan on Thursday, May 23.

The passenger version of the Mi-8 helicopter has up to 18 seats, while the transport version has folding benches for 24 seats.

The airborne transport modification of the Mi-8MT is designed for landing and evacuation of troops, fire support for ground troops, precision bombing, and transportation of cargo and paratroopers.


 Russia has shot down two of its aircraft in Crimea over the past two weeks

In the last two weeks alone, the 12th Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment of the 31st Air Defense Division of the Russian Federation had shot down two of its own military aircraft.

On March 28, the division’s Pantsir medium-range air defense system, deployed in the area of Inkerman Bay in Sevastopol, shot down one of its own Su-27 fighter aircraft.

Then, on April 10, an Mi-24 attack helicopter was shot down on the western coast of Crimea by another Pantsir air defense system, which was deployed near the Saki air base, according to guerrillas of the Atesh movement.

 How many Russian planes have been shot down by the Ukrainian Armed Forces recently?

In February, the Ukrainian Air Force set a new monthly record by shooting down 13 enemy aircraft.

On the night of April 5, powerful explosions were heard in three military airfields from which attacks are regularly launched against Ukraine.

Kyiv Post sources reported that the attack on the Morozovsk airfield was carried out by the SBU in a combined operation with the Defense Forces, which destroyed at least six aircraft and damaged eight more.

On the same night, according to Kyiv Post’s intelligence sources, Ukraine’s Main Intelligence Directorate (НUR), struck three Russian airfields.


According to the source, at least three Tu-95MS strategic bombers were damaged in the attack by unmanned aerial vehicles at the Engels-2 airfield. Seven Russian soldiers were also killed in the operation, including, presumably, bomber pilots.

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