Misha Lebiga and DOROFEEVA were able to raise Hr. five million on the Twitch platform, thanks to the release of their new music video for a popular song. The clip became a real hit.

Nadia Dorofeeva and Lebiga teamed up for a charity collection for FPV drones

Singer DOROFEEVA and blogger Misha Lebiga are among the most recognizable figures in the Ukrainian media field. Therefore, it's not surprising that when they released a joint song, presented during a charity stream on Twitch, it gathered a large fanbase - 57 thousand viewers, setting a record for Ukrainian Twitch.

This marks a precedent in the history of music releases in Ukraine, as the premiere of the music video took place on a video streaming platform specializing in gaming. It's worth reminding that the blogger Mykhailo Lebiga is known for recording videos about his life and volunteer activities humorously. He comments on Ukrainian shows on Twitch, interacts with viewers, and holds the record in Ukraine for broadcasts on this platform.


During the night of April 17-18, 2024, Ukrainian singer DOROFEEVA and the blogger hosted a joint broadcast. They presented a video showing exclusive footage from the backstage of the music video.

Throughout the broadcast, the singer, along with blogger Misha Lebiga, engaged with the audience and answered their questions. Exclusively during the broadcast, a raffle of a unique item for a charity collection took place. Most importantly, singer Nadia Dorofeeva and blogger Misha Lebiga managed to collect a record-breaking Hr. 5 million.

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Fifty percent of the collected funds will go towards aiding the victims of the Russian missile attack on Chernihiv on April 17. The remaining fifty percent will be transferred to the account of the AZOV.ONE 30 million fund for the purchase of 500 thermal imaging FPV drones.


The song “And I Cried All the Time” is light yet deep, naive yet wise, and was embodied in a simple yet ironic music video that delves into serious themes. The video was shot as a retrospective with references to the 80s. Symbols and metaphors from that era are easily recognizable: a tear on the cheek, a hand on the wall, roses with thorns that cause pain, a long shadow at the door, and the wind against the face. This production is reminiscent of a theatrical performance on television.

The heroine portrayed by Nadia, with tearful eyes, conceals her sadness and grief behind a bouquet of red roses. Misha's character endeavors to touch people's hearts with his sincere monologue.

You can catch the premiere of the music video featuring Lebiga and Dorofeeva on all platforms, while still directing attention towards drones for the Armed Forces on Azov's donation platform.

The story of their collaboration and the release of their joint song: Misha Lebiga and singer DOROFEEVA

This collaborative journey began with a viral TikTok video by blogger Misha Lebiga, where he sang along to the hit song “I Love, But Not Really” under the speaker. Subsequently, Nadia invited him to her first major music donation event on Instagram, where together they managed to raise Hr. 2 million.


With these funds, they purchased 50 FPV drones for the 47th OMBR, 113th OMBR, and 80th ODSHB units. Following the New Year's stream “20:23” by Zhenya Yanovych, during which they both participated, someone suggested, “Why don't you two create a joint track?” This casual idea then transformed into a reality.

“Sometime towards the end of January, I revisited the idea and contemplated what this song could be. When Misha asked if we were going to do it, he was genuinely surprised that it wasn't a joke,” chuckled DOROFEEVA. “We wrote the song with our main composition, and Misha improvised his part in the studio,” she continued.

“In general, everything unfolded quite effortlessly. There are moments when a song emerges spontaneously, based on emotions. This song is one of those; it possesses a certain magic,” she added.

While the singer is already recognized for her collaborations with others, this track and music video mark a double debut for the popular blogger.

“When I arrived at the studio, Nadia asked, ‘What do you want to express? What's on your mind?’ I mentioned feeling weary of people quarreling over trivial matters. After pondering for a moment, I spoke these words into the microphone in one take,” Misha explained.


The decision to release the track “And I Cried All the Time” as part of a charity fundraiser for drones was a mutual one. Besides assisting the military, they aimed to support the people as well because the joint creative message of Dorofeeva and Lebiga speaks to all Ukrainians.

It serves as a musical reminder that squabbling over insignificant issues is “not cool” and serves no purpose at this moment. Instead, it's essential to unite in the face of common challenges rather than engaging in petty disputes.

“My favorite line in the song is: ‘Why do people plant flowers of evil in their gardens?’ Indeed, our song can now serve as a reminder that it's better to offer digital hugs and support to each other than to continue hurling insults and anger,” expressed DOROFEEVA.

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