Poland is ready to host nuclear arms if NATO decides to deploy the weapons in the face of Russia reinforcing its armaments in Belarus and Kaliningrad, President Andrzej Duda said in an interview published on Monday.

"If our allies decide to deploy nuclear arms on our territory as part of nuclear sharing, to reinforce NATO's eastern flank, we are ready to do so," Duda said.

Poland, a NATO member and a staunch supporter of Ukraine, shares a border with both Russia's Kaliningrad exclave and with Belarus, Moscow's ally.

Duda made these comments in an interview with the Polish newspaper Fakt, following his visit to New York, where he discussed the situation in Ukraine with former US president Donald Trump.

He also mentioned that discussions about nuclear cooperation between Poland and the United States have been ongoing for some time.


"Russia is increasingly militarising Kaliningrad. Recently it has been relocating its nuclear weapons to Belarus," Duda added.

In June 2023, Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed that Russia had sent tactical nuclear arms to Belarus, which borders Ukraine and Poland.

During the last NATO summit in Vilnius, the allies pledged to "take all necessary steps to ensure the credibility, effectiveness, safety and security of the nuclear deterrent mission."

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