In a recent development reported via Telegram, the Ukrainian Special Operations Forces (SSO) destroyed a Russian Buk M-1 anti-aircraft missile launcher using attack drones.

“Operators of one of the SSO divisions discovered the Buk-M1 anti-aircraft missile complex while working in the Sumy sector,” the caption to the released video read.

Utilizing attack drones, the Ukrainian troops ignited a fire within the Russian Buk launcher, prompting Russian servicemembers to attempt to extinguish the fire and salvage the equipment.

The SSO report indicates that the strike resulted in the destruction of the launcher, which was carrying six missiles, and caused damage to the Buk-M1 system’s fire control unit.

The Buk medium-range anti-aircraft missile system is designed for point defense attempting to neutralize a variety of aerial threats, including strategic and tactical aircraft, cruise missiles, and helicopters.


Drone footage captured the moment of impact, showing a powerful detonation followed by an explosion, confirming the effectiveness of the strike.

While the exact time and location of the video footage couldn’t be independently verified by Kyiv Post, the damage inflicted on the Buk anti-aircraft missile complex is evident despite the video’s low quality.

Estimates suggest that the cost of the latest version of this air defense system, the Buk-M1-2, is approximately $100 million. However, it’s challenging to determine which version of the Buk missile system was shown in the video and subsequently targeted, and the SSO’s report didn’t provide clarification on the version either.

Russia Launches Overnight Missile Attack Across Ukraine
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Russia Launches Overnight Missile Attack Across Ukraine

The overnight aerial attack came shortly after Russian troops bombed a busy shopping centre in Kharkiv on May 25, which killed at least 12 people and injured 43.

A Ukrainian military officer, speaking anonymously to Kyiv Post, highlighted the recent trend of Ukrainian forces destroying Russian Buk anti-aircraft missile systems using various attack systems, including aircraft-type UAVs, as depicted in the video. Notably, the Special Ops did not specify the type of attack drones utilized in this mission.


The officer suggested that these actions are part of a strategic effort to clear the border region of Sumy from Russian threats to Ukrainian aviation.

“Considering the approach of the transfer of the latest Western-made aircraft to the Ukrainian Air Force, it can be assumed that this is a targeted action to clear the airspace on the battlefield,” he told Kyiv Post.

This operation marks another success for the SSO, adding to a series of previous operations aimed at neutralizing Russian Buk missile systems. An earlier report detailed the targeting of two Buk anti-aircraft missile complexes by attack drones in the Sumy region.

The SSO had previously announced the destruction of a Russian Buk-M1 anti-aircraft missile complex, thwarting its missile launch preparations. However, specific details regarding the weaponry used in that operation were not disclosed by Special Ops officials.

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