Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has reportedly developed a detailed peace plan to end Russia's full-scale war with Ukraine. The document, according to a source from Trump's entourage speaking to The Telegraph, is being kept secret until the election.

The initiative, which the Republicans are keeping out of media discussion, is deemed crucial "not to lose leverage," the source mentioned.

Trump's strategy primarily revolves around communicating his intentions to end the war, aiming to win over voters who prioritize achieving peace.

"He wants to stop the murders. Trump will stop the killings, that will be his slogan," the source stated.

If re-elected, Trump plans to focus on pushing NATO members to increase defense spending to 3% of their annual GDP.


However, this has raised concerns among some NATO leaders, who fear a potential return of Trump to the presidency could endanger the existence of the Alliance and sabotage military support for Ukraine.

A representative from Joe Biden's campaign headquarters voiced concerns to the publication, alleging that Trump's approach could result in the abandonment of allies in case of an attack.

"He will allow Russian President Vladimir Putin to do whatever he wants. This will make Americans less protected," the source claimed.

Trump's recent statement, indicating that he would withhold aid to Ukraine if Europe did not align military spending with the United States, has also caused consternation.

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Nevertheless, Ukraine has received over $100 billion in aid from the European Union since the beginning of the full-scale war.

Donald Trump last year claimed he would end the war in Ukraine “in 24 hours.” His comments came on June 2, 2023, during a town hall event on Fox News, where he also said he “got along with Putin” and made bizarre comments about the current waves of Russian missile and drone attacks against Kyiv.

When asked about Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, he said: “I want to stop that war, I don’t want that war to continue.


“And I’ll stop that war, mark my words, I’ll stop that war in 24 hours.” 

The event’s host Sean Hannity then interrupted to say: “Mr President, let me ask. Serious question. How do you stop that war in 24 hours?” 

He replied: “I will get them into a room, and I know an exact way. You tell one ‘you’re not going to get anything unless you make a deal.’ You tell the other one ‘they’re going to get a lot unless you make a deal.’

“And you just sit them, and you put them, and you have to make a determination.”

Although Trump did not say which one was which, his comments appear to suggest he would force Ukraine to accept the loss of territories illegally occupied and annexed by Russian forces with the threat of rewarding President Putin with even more if they refuse to accept his offer.

President Zelensky has rubbished claims made by Donald Trump that he could stop Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine “in 24 hours”, saying he already had the chance to do so when he was serving as president, yet didn’t.


Speaking to ABC’s “This Week” in a Sunday interview with Martha Raddatz, Zelensky responded: “It seems to me that the desire [by itself] to bring the war to an end is beautiful but this desire should be based on some real-life experience.

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