The National Guard of Ukraine posted a video on Telegram showing the elimination of a group of 20 assaulting Russian soldiers in the Kharkiv region.

“Utilizing FPV and bomber drones, a group of 20 assault soldiers was neutralized within an hour,” the report said.

The operation was conducted by fighters from the second separate unit of the “Omega” Special Forces Center. According to the National Guard’s report, the enemy group appeared to be well-prepared, both in terms of equipment and tactics.

A brief 11-second video depicted six soldiers lying on the ground as an explosive projectile dropped from the drone, followed by an explosion. Kyiv Post was unable to independently verify the location and date of the footage.


On Tuesday, May 14, Ukrainian troops retreated to “more strategic positions” in the Kharkiv region, the military announced.

The General Staff disclosed that this maneuver aimed to “preserve the lives of military personnel and prevent unit losses.”

Despite the withdrawal, fighting in the Kharkiv region persists, with Ukrainian forces actively thwarting Russian attempts to establish a foothold. Reinforcements have been dispatched to the area to counter the Russian offensive.

Kyrylo Budanov, head of Ukraine’s military intelligence (HUR), revealed that the assaults are designed to stretch and weaken Ukraine's already depleted forces, diverting their attention from other critical areas of the battlefront.

Russia Launches Overnight Missile Attack Across Ukraine
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Russia Launches Overnight Missile Attack Across Ukraine

The overnight aerial attack came shortly after Russian troops bombed a busy shopping centre in Kharkiv on May 25, which killed at least 12 people and injured 43.

Last week, Russian forces launched a significant ground assault on the Kharkiv region, compelling Ukrainian troops to adjust their positions.

In Vovchansk, authorities reported intense street-to-street combat. Police chief Oleksiy Kharkivsky reported, “We are here and are evacuating people and helping them. The situation in Vovchansk is extremely difficult.”

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