Russia is reportedly planning to open courses in occupied territories to train officers for the Russian military, said the Center of National Resistance, a governmental body that promotes non-violent resistance under Ukraine’s Special Operations Forces (SSO).

“Departments for the training of radio-electronic warfare officers will be opened at higher educational institutions in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. We are talking about civilian universities that will train officers for the army of the occupier,” read the group’s announcement on Saturday, June 8.

The announcement also said that those who completed the training were promised “good positions under a contract,” as opposed to being mobilized under unfavorable conditions, a regular complaint among the Russian military.


“Training will be based on a shortened program, and graduates of the course are promised good positions under a contract,” it added.

However, the Center of National Resistance did not specify if the proposed training would take place across all Ukrainian regions under Russian occupation.

Moscow still maintains an edge in electronic warfare (EW) over Ukraine despite the subpar performance of the Russian military, which only allowed it to gain parts of the territories it claimed to have annexed over the invasion at a cost of more than 500,000 personnel, according to the latest Ukrainian estimations.

Overcoming the Dementia of the Free World
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Overcoming the Dementia of the Free World

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