U.S. President Joe Biden has reaffirmed his commitment to the 2024 presidential race despite growing calls for him to step down following a lackluster performance in last week’s debate performance.

In calls with campaign staff and meetings with Democratic lawmakers and governors on Wednesday, Biden made it clear that he has no intention of quitting, according to both Reuters and Politico.

In a call with concerned campaign team members, Biden stressed his determination to remain in the race.

“No one is pushing me out. I'm not leaving. I'm in this race to the end,” he stated in an email to supporters, urging them to contribute to his campaign to defeat his Republican opponent, Donald Trump, in the Nov. 5 election.

Biden held virtual and in-person meetings with 24 Democratic governors and the mayor of Washington DC to reassure them of his capability as the party's leader.


After the meeting, the governors of New York, Minnesota, and Maryland expressed their support for Biden.

“The president has always had our backs. We're going to have his back as well,” said Maryland Governor Wes Moore.

Biden's team was in damage-control mode after Thursday's debate when he often hesitated, tripped over words and lost his train of thought – exacerbating fears about his fitness to serve another term.

He had hoped to allay qualms about his advanced age, and to expose Trump as a habitual liar.

Trump Shot at Rally: Everything We Know So Far
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Trump Shot at Rally: Everything We Know So Far

Trump thanked law enforcement and rescuers for their quick actions. He is fine and undergoing examination at a local medical facility.

But the president failed to counter his bombastic rival, who offered up a largely unchallenged reel of false or misleading statements about everything from the economy to immigration.

Despite concerns raised by his debate performance, where he appeared tired and lost his train of thought, Biden's team and allies defended his fitness for office.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre dismissed the idea of Biden stepping down, despite recent polls that show Trump gaining an edge over Biden, intensifying pressure for him to step down from others within the Democratic Party.


Major donors such as Reed Hastings, co-founder of Netflix, have also called for Biden to step down, with Vice President Kamala Harris gaining traction as a potential replacement.

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