Rishi Sunak has emerged as Britain’s new prime minister. He replaced Liz Truss, who took over from Boris Johnson. How will this impact on Britain’s strong support for Ukraine?
Fortunately, we have a reassuring indication from Sunak via Kyiv Post from exactly two months ago that he will not change course and also remains committed to backing Ukraine to the full in its fight against Russian imperialist aggression.

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Reminder: As Ukrainians around the world celebrated Independence Day, British Conservative Member of Parliament, Sunak – a respected former Chancellor of the Exchequer and then candidate bidding to replace Boris Johnson as Prime Minister – provided Kyiv Post with the following exclusive letter addressing all Ukrainians.

“To the people of Ukraine,

It’s been 180 days since Russian tanks rolled into your country once more and launched devastating attacks on your people.


Your steadfast courage in standing up to aggression has given hope to peaceful and freedom loving people around the world, and sends a clear message to despots that no matter how the odds may be stacked in their favour, they will never prevail.

Whatever the changes here in our country, we Brits will always remain your strongest ally.

We will keep supporting your brave fighters to protect your citizens, we will keep providing humanitarian aid to ensure you have access to medication and food, and we will keep sheltering your loved ones until they can return home safely and sleep soundly.

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And when they do, I promise that the United Kingdom will be a lifelong friend and help Ukraine rebuild into the prosperous, ambitious and forward-looking country you are.

We will prioritise building cultural, trade and business links between our two nations to help you thrive as an independent country.  I believe we have much in common, and much we can learn from each other.

Your place in history is assured as a beacon of freedom. So together, not only must we defeat Putin, but we must also succeed in deterring him from ever hurting your people again with an even stronger, more prosperous Ukraine than stood before.


My family and I send love to yours, and our country will continue helping you to win this war and to rebuild your country no matter how long it takes.

On this poignant Ukrainian Independence Day, know that the people of the United Kingdom will always remain by your side.

Yours sincerely,

Rishi Sunak”

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