Ukraine is actively working on the development of its own drones which are one of the most effective types of weapons in the war against Russia.

Oleh Boldyrev, the project manager of the Ukroboronprom State Concern, said this to Nastoyashcheye Vremia media outlet in an interview, reports Ukrinform.

According to him, the current war is moving towards the battle of unmanned systems, and Ukraine is actively working to provide its defenders with these systems in the required number. According to the Ukroboronprom representative, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will soon receive a new unmanned aerial vehicle that will help them strike the enemy's rear.

Boldyrev notes that the drone is almost ready and is being tested. In terms of characteristics, the UAV is similar to Iranian-made kamikaze drones but has some features that make it unique.


"It is already produced. I would call it 'patient zero'. It flies, it’s a combat drone, a kamikaze option. But we, Ukrainians, are very greedy people. Our kamikazes will be able to return," he said.

Boldyrev explained that the option of "return" means that the drones will be able to attack enemy targets several times. The flight range of the new UAVs is 1,000 km, and the payload weight is 75 kg.

Ukroboronprom emphasizes that the developed model of drones is partly made up of foreign components, but the development of software, means of communication with ground stations, assembly and maintenance of drones are carried out by domestic specialists.

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The Ukroboronprom State Concern is a strategic manufacturer of weapons and military hardware in Ukraine.

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