The fighting in Ukraine is at a standstill, as neither Ukraine nor Russia can achieve significant success, reported the Defense Intelligence Chief Kyrylo Budanov speaking in an interview with BBC on Dec. 28.

In November, after Ukrainian forces liberated Kherson, most of the fiercest fighting has been around Bakhmut, Donetsk region. Russian troops were on the defensive, while winter has slowed the pace of Ukraine's ground operations along the 1,000 kilometer front line.

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According to Ukraine's intelligence chief, Russia is completely deadlocked, having suffered significant losses and the Kremlin decided to announce another mobilization of conscripts. On the other hand, Ukrainian forces lack the strength to advance in many directions.

"We cannot comprehensively defeat Russians in all directions, and neither can they. However, we are looking forward to new weapons supplies," Budanov said.

At the moment, Ukrainian troops are engaged in fierce battles with Russian invaders around Bakhmut. For Russia, capturing the city would disrupt Ukraine's supply lines and open the way for an offensive on other Ukrainian strongholds in the east, including Kramatorsk and Sloviansk.

Budanov noted that the Russian offensive on Bakmut is being led by the private military company Wagner Group. Its founder, Yevgeny Prigozhin wants to capture the city as a political prize amid rivalries between Russian officials.

Budanov believes Russia will continue to shell Ukraine's energy infrastructure. However, he said that Russia will not be able to maintain a high level of attacks due to the depletion of missile stocks and the inability of the Russian industry to replenish them.

SBU Liquidates Well-Known Pro-Russian Politician From Ukraine Illia Kyva
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SBU Liquidates Well-Known Pro-Russian Politician From Ukraine Illia Kyva

On the same day that Illia Kyva was killed in Moscow with small arms, Oleg Popov, a Russian-backed politician in the occupied “Luhansk People's Republic” was killed in a car bombing.

Also, Iran has not supplied missiles to Moscow yet. Budanov said that Tehran has refused to supply missiles to Russia, aware that Western countries are likely to impose measures against Iran, which is already under Western sanctions over its nuclear program.

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