Belarus is prepared to quarter 20,000 conscripts from the Russian Federation.

On Sept. 29, the press service of Ukraine’s Main Directorate of Intelligence (HUR) reported:

“There are places being prepared to accommodate 20,000 mobilized Russians in Belarus. These forces should replenish the units of the Russian army stationed in Belarus. As a result of the replenishment, the ratio of “experienced” and “young” soldiers should be 1 to 5,” the report says.

The plan to use existing military funds, and civilian premises and buildings for accommodation.

“For these needs, warehouses, hangars, and other premises of abandoned agricultural enterprises and farms are transferred. Relevant instructions were provided to the armed forces of Belarus and local councils,” HUR said.


After the increase in staff, the units will use Russian military equipment from warehouses in Belarus. It is also planned to reinforce equipment and weapons removed from storage on the territory of the Russian Federation.

“The shortage of equipment for the transportation of occupation troops is planned to be replenished by mobilizing civilian trucks and cars,” HUR stressed.

On Sept. 27, the Telegram channel of monitoring group Belarusian Gayun reported information received from the Community of Railway Workers of Belarus that measures are being taken on the territory of Belarus to check the country’s railway infrastructure.

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Ukrainian Special Ops Report Strike on Russian Ammunition Depot, Eliminating Three Soldiers

SSO operators inflicted fire damage on Russian positions and personnel using FPV drones and a 122 mm D-30 howitzer.

According to this information, places controls are being tightened at railway station loading and unloading points. Officials of Belarusian railway departments and Russian military communications offices are involved.

In addition, loading and unloading platforms are being repaired. Shunting locomotives are also being fixed at railway stations for the possible reception of military echelons from the territory of Russia. There is information about the development of schedules for the movement of Russian trains with equipment or ammunition along the Belarusian railway.


Analyzing the information received from the community, Belarusian Gayun assumes that Belarus is seriously preparing to receive military trains from the territory of the Russian Federation.


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