Video footage obtained by CNN shows Ukrainian forces taking control of several rural areas of Donetsk around the occupied town of Lyman.

In the series of clips, Ukrainian tanks can be seen rolling past bomb-battered villages toward Russian units occupying the area – with abandoned dugouts, rockets, ammunition, and burnt-out Russian tanks strewn along the roadside.

Much of the footage has been taken around the villages of Zelena Dolyna and Lypnove, north of Lyman.

In some of the footage, the advancing Ukrainian troops deliver the following statement from loudspeakers:

“The Armed Forces of Ukrainian have captured Lyman; further resistance is pointless. Tomorrow, the clean-up will begin. You will have no chance of surviving. Today you have a chance to surrender.”


The warning goes on to say, “The Ukrainian side guarantees your life and treatment in accordance with the Geneva Conventions. In order to surrender, you need to go out on the road or in a populated area, lay down your arms. With your hands up, wait for the representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.”

The announcement concludes with a thought-provoking message: “Remember, your authorities do not need you. You are cannon fodder for them. Your relatives need you.”

Russia is expected to declare the annexation of the eastern region of Luhansk today, Friday, following a series of sham referendums that saw widespread voter intimidation and allegedly other forms of electoral fraud.

Four Months of Hell – A Ukrainian POW Tells of Daily Russian Torture
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Four Months of Hell – A Ukrainian POW Tells of Daily Russian Torture

Every day, Taganrog prison was filled with the sounds of screams, squeals, and crying.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian forces continue to carry out counteroffensives in an attempt to reclaim territories brutally captured during Russia’s ongoing invasion.

So far, thousands of square kilometers have been recaptured, one of the most recent territories being the city of Izyum – dealing a huge blow to Putin and the Russian’s morale.

On Sept. 14, President Volodymyr Zelensky visited the liberated city and oversaw a flag-raising ceremony. Delivering a speech, he then promised that the Ukrainian flag would return “to every city and village in the country.”

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