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EXPLAINED: Why Putin Is So Scared of this Group of Women

The manifesto of the soldiers' wives group 'Way Home' reads: "We’re being betrayed and exterminated by our own people... We were screwed over and you’ll be screwed over."

Russian women are protesting. There are demonstrations, a petition and a Telegram group with 30,000 members.

There’s even a car sticker campaign that says  “I’m fed up” but in far less polite language.

And the most important point? President Putin is terrified of them.

In this video we’ll examine who they are, what they want and why Moscow is using propagandists and rival groups of wives in a campaign to discredit them.

And as the Russian presidential election approaches, and the war in Ukraine drags on, the stakes are getting increasingly higher.

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Beau biden
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Eliminate Putin. He is worthless