Following the resignation of Boris Johnson and the sad passing of our beloved Queen, the United Kingdom has been thrust into a transitional period – but when it comes to Ukraine, our devotion and support remains, and will remain, unchanged.

Throughout history, the UK has been a staunch defender of a nation’s right to independence. Sovereignty, identity, and the conservation of history and tradition are all values that Brits consider invaluable. Values that we have fought for centuries to protect. Values that are vital to the preservation of a nation. And values that we not only recognised in our friends and allies in Ukraine from the outset, but that we have actively supported.

During Boris Johnson’s tenure, the United Kingdom was the first to offer Ukraine assistance in defending its admirable country and people against Putin’s barbaric invasion.


From the UK, Ukraine has received game-changing military equipment, training, and humanitarian aid — significantly helping Ukrainian troops and civilians in their defence against the madman of Moscow.

Myself and my colleagues fully understand that many in Ukraine will have viewed Boris Johnson’s shock resignation as a cause for concern. Will the UK’s support now decline? Will our new Prime Minister, Liz Truss, see the invasion of Ukraine as of a lower priority than her predecessor?

The answer to both questions, I wish to stress to all of the Kyiv Post’s readers and to all Ukrainians both at home and abroad, is a resounding ‘no’.

Ukraine's Precipice
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Ukraine's Precipice

The $61-billion military aid package from the United States, if passed as expected, will allow the Armed Forces of Ukraine to bomb troops and operations behind enemy lines.

Under Liz Truss’ leadership, Britain’s devotion to Ukraine’s plight and to its brave and strong ongoing counteroffensives – particularly in the east, whereby Ukrainian troops are daily battling on and successfully retaking territories stolen by Russia – will never waver and will continue to strengthen.

During her leadership campaign, Truss, reiterated this fact when she said Ukraine would “have no greater ally” than the UK if she were to become PM. Her opponent, Rishi Sunak, on the other hand, voiced concerns over the amount of financial aid being given to Ukraine, despite that aid already proving to be highly effective in helping thwart Russia’s illegal invasion.


On the campaign trail, Truss promised that she would “go further as prime minister” by declassifying more intelligence to expose Russian misinformation and pledged to increase the UK’s defence spending to 3% of GDP by 2030.

During her time as Foreign Secretary, Truss was pivotal in implementing sanctions against Russia and against Putin’s inner circle – the strongest sanctions ever placed against Russia’s despotic regime and its supporters.

Our Prime Minister also understands that this is not just Ukraine’s war, saying back in June:

“Putin’s invasion has brought death and destruction on a scale not seen in Europe since World War 2. This war has huge ramifications for global peace, prosperity, and food security. It matters to us all.”

Since Russia’s invasion in February, the UK has so far provided Ukraine with over £2.3bn in military and financial aid. At our military bases, Ukrainian troops continue to receive enhanced training. And our latest aid package, signed-off by Johnson and Truss before the former PM’s departure, will see even more weapons being supplied to Ukraine’s Armed Forces, including 2,000 drones, anti-tank loitering munitions, and mine-hunting systems to help detect Russian mines in the waters off its coast.


But it isn’t only our new Prime Minister and our Conservative government whose resolve in supporting Ukraine remains steadfast.

Across the nation, the British people, including in my own constituency of Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, are as passionate about Ukraine’s inevitable and necessary victory as ever.

Blue and yellow flags still wave proudly from windows. Brits continue to open their doors to Ukrainian families seeking refuge. Condemnations against Russia still seep from the lips of our citizens and glare out from the pages of our newspapers. And, as ever, Ukraine will remain a top priority to this government and its people, until the day that Putin is finally defeated, and the inspirational and globally respected nation of Ukraine is safe and free once more.

Paul Bristow is a British Conservative Party politician who has served as Member of Parliament for Peterborough since the 2019 United Kingdom general election.

The views expressed in this article are the author’s and not necessarily those of Kyiv Post.

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