It is estimated that the assets of Russia’s Central Bank frozen by Western countries, as part of the sanctions regime, are alone worth €260 billion euros with the financial returns on a portion of those assets held in one central securities depository in 2023 was about €4.4 billion.

There are three possible ways to exploit both the assets and the interest they are accruing:

  • Taxing the frozen assets;
  • Unfreeze the yearly financial returns on those assets;
  • Using those assets as collateral for loans to Ukraine.

Essentially, the aim is to initially avoid unfreezing the assets themselves which, as a result, are not maximizing their benefits in a way that would be most productive for Ukraine and global security.

Is there a better way to maximize the benefits of Russia’s frozen assets abroad?

On 16 March 2022, the International Court of Justice in The Hague rendered an interim judgment in the case of Ukraine vs The Russian Federation, stating that:


“The ‘special military operation’ being conducted by the Russian Federation has resulted in numerous civilian deaths and injuries. It has also caused significant material damage, including the destruction of buildings and infrastructure. Attacks are ongoing and are creating increasingly difficult living conditions for the civilian population”.

On that basis, the International Court of Justice ordered that: “The Russian Federation shall immediately suspend the military operations that it commenced on 24 February 2022 in the territory of Ukraine”.

Since then, Russia has brazenly violated the judgment of the International Court of Justice on a daily basis. Russian forces are relentlessly pursuing their vicious missile, air and artillery attacks on the civilian population and infrastructure of Ukraine and committing acts that many consider genocide, including the forced deportation of children to Russia from the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

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Moscow Potentially Spying Through ‘Shadow Fleets’: Swedish Navy Chief

The official said Sweden is now closely monitoring the ships Russia has used to bypass oil sanctions after spotting “antennas and masts” atypical of fishing vessels.

Numerous resolutions and calls by the international community for Russia to stop its invasion of Ukraine and to halt its acts of genocide continue to be defiantly ignored by the Kremlin.


The International Criminal Court even issued an arrest warrant against Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, on 17 March 2023, for “the unlawful deportation and transfer of Ukrainian children from occupied areas of Ukraine to the Russian Federation, contrary to … the Rome Statute”. 

Taking everything into account, Russia’s frozen assets should be used first to force it to abide by the March 2022 judgment of the International Court of Justice and the numerous resolutions and calls of the international community for Russia to cease its invasion of Ukraine and comply with the principles of international law enshrined in the United Nations Charter.

Western authorities that have frozen Russia’s assets should now give Russia a reasonable deadline to cease its military invasion of Ukraine, withdraw its military from all territories of Ukraine and return all prisoners of war and children forcibly deported to Russia back to Ukraine. Failure to comply would result in predetermined amounts from these frozen assets being forfeited daily and transferred to Ukraine for each day that Russia defies that deadline.

Such an approach by the international community would fully comply with:

  • article 51 of the United Nations Charter, which reaffirms the inherent right of collective self-defence, if an armed attack occurs against a member of the UN;
  • the articles on the Responsibility of States for internationally wrongful acts that were commended to governments by Resolution 56/83 of the UN General Assembly, adopted on 12 December 2001, namely:
    • articles 30 and 31, which oblige states to cease any internationally wrongful act and make full reparation for the injury caused by such act;
    • articles 40 and 41, which provide that states shall cooperate to bring to an end any serious breach of an obligation arising under a peremptory norm of general international law, such as the prohibition of aggression.

Following a complete withdrawal by Russia from all of Ukraine’s territories and full compliance with other applicable conditions, any remaining frozen assets should then be summarily adjudicated to ultimately help ensure a just compensation for Ukraine for the huge damage caused by Putin’s war.

This course of action would maximize the benefits of Russia’s frozen assets abroad and provide the greatest positive impact for Ukraine and global security while minimizing push-back. It would also deter other authoritarian regimes with imperialist ambitions from violating the basic principles of international law.

The views expressed in this opinion article are the author’s and not necessarily those of Kyiv Post.

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The arguments are helpless. Russia is not a member of the The International Criminal Court and therefore all arguments are invalid. They withdrew in 2016 the old Membership request.
The IMF is against the distribution of the Russian Assets and some US Central Bank members too. Because it could destabilise the International Banking System.

sk wish
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@peter, Very well summarized to steal 300B is a criminal act.
Joe Average
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Dithering over the fate of this money gives out the message that eventually, it will all be returned. Along with this message comes a subtext that the collective West is impotent. That message assists Putin, giving him the opportunity to placate the previous owners of the money, and thereby escape pressure from them.

I think the actions proposed in this article do not go far enough. Firstly, half the money should be immediately spent on military aid for Ukraine, and the fact that this has happened should be widely publicised. Further, it should take place well before elections in Russia, to weaken Putin’s campaign. Secondly, the message should be given that the second half of the money will be spent, again on military aid for Ukraine, if Russian troops have not left all territories of Ukraine within one month from now. That will help in pressuring Putin from within.

With a psycopathic bully, threats have zero effect. Only action has an effect. Lack of action is tantamount to positive support for what they do.

Come on West, grow a pair. No need to play by the rules against those who know no rules themselves. They’ve had enough chances.

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@Joe Average, Thoughtfully stated and well worded!
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I don't get the allies concern over some legal "push-back" against releasing frozen russian assets for Ukraine's immediate use. I also object that at this late time only now a deadline for withdrawal is proposed, after which russia is then levied a daily incremental loss of their frozen assets. We are at least 2 years long past that deadline.

All Ukraine allies including the 141 countries that in March 2022 UNGA vote demanded russia stop its illegal invasion, need to come to grip with a basic fact. Putin does not care about laws (sound familiar non MRGA aligned Americans?). Laws have no weight in the mind of a psychopath. Any any person or nation aligned with that evil nut job should also be ignored.

As a result of Putins ongoing crimes, Ukraine has lost thousands of irreplaceable innocent lives... all ages, genders and vocations. Permanently stolen! Putins murderous debt also includes every brave soldier / volunteer that has died protecting those they love from putin's reign of evil. 

 $100 trillion in Russia assets does not cover the cost of their crimes.

In the context of the thousands of murders committed by russians, who in the free world cares about the 'paper barriers' to forwarding this criminal regime's entire asset base to the victim nation?

Stop your dithering allied politicians.

Give Ukraine these badly needed funds already!