Speaking on the telethon, Olexiy Danilov, National Security and Defense Council Secretary, reported that in Bakhmut, Russian troops are losing seven times more soldiers than the Ukrainian forces.


"Yes, the situation there is difficult, but keep in mind that every day our men and women dispatch hundreds [of Russian soldiers] where they belong, given that they came here to kill us. Now we are killing them," Danilov stressed.


Western commentators put the disparity of casualty levels down to a combination of the “human wave” tactics being employed by the Russians, which is exacerbated by the poor medical support they are providing. In contrast Ukrainian defenders are both professional in the defenses they have created and have superior medical support available to treat injured servicemen.


On March 1, a report from the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) said that in the area of Uhledar, Russian occupiers lost the largest tank battle in Ukraine, losing at least 130 tanks and armored personnel carriers. ISW related this major defeat to the fact that commanders from the Russian Federation continue to make severe mistakes.


The British intelligence report for Feb. 26 suggested that elite Russian units were becoming less efficient than at the beginning of the war due to significant losses in experienced personnel, being replaced by partially trained conscripts, as well as loss of their best equipment in Ukraine.


In particular, the report mentioned the destruction of 2 columns of Russian armored equipment belonging to the 155th Brigade of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.


Yet despite the massive losses on the Russian side, the situation remains “critical” for Ukraine, which has vowed to defend "fortress Bakhmut", while Russian troops are determined to seize the city, the symbolic importance of which now outstrips its military significance.


Ukrainian officials said the fighting is becoming increasingly difficult, after Russia claimed to have taken several villages near Bakhmut in recent weeks.


On Friday, the head of Russian mercenary group Wagner said the group had “practically encircled” Bakhmut.

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Tony Lubarsky
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Ukraine would have never challenged a war with Russia in 2014 if they were not pushed from behind by western countries because it would have been suicidal since they didn’t have any significant military force or equipment. But the west saw an opportunity to break up Russia and converted Ukraine into a war puppet. Russia saw the western strategy and the imminent danger to its country, they had no choice but to stand their ground. Who were those western countries that pushed Ukraine? The ones that are contributing the most today. Shame on them! Warmongers!

This comment contains spoilers. Click here if you want to read.

I am very much in support of Ukraine in this appalling and unnecessary invasion by its neighbour. But I am also distressed at the disproportionate loss of young Russian men's lives and the flight of others from that Country. This can only lead to a reduction in manpower and therefore the future prosperity of that nation.