Former Swedish lawmaker Caroline Nordengrip joined the ranks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU) last week and will serve in the regular army 47 brigade. 

Caroline Nordengrip. Photo credit Instagram nordengrip.

Nordengrip announced her decision to defend Ukraine from the Russian occupiers on her Instagram channel. The woman complained that it had taken her three days to navigate Ukrainian bureaucracy and collect all the signatures and stamps needed to get approval for her recruitment into the regular army, Nordengrip wrote on social media.

Caroline Nordengrip shows off her army contract.

Photo credit Instagram nordengrip

 Nordengrip has signed a contract with the AFU and will now become a career soldier with the rank of sergeant. She noted that she did not hesitate for a second in making her decision.

 The new recruit to the Ukrainian army is 42 years old and is originally from Bollebugda, in Sweden. She served as a member of the Swedish Democrats party in the Swedish parliament from 2018 to 2022 and also worked as the party's national ombudsman. Nordengrip has worked as a lorry driver, done military service and interested in security issues.

 The politician has supported Ukraine since the first days of the full-scale Russian invasion. She had previously visited Ukrainian cities as a parliamentarian.

Caroline Nordengrip. Photo credit Instagram nordengrip

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'Holy Russia' is a farce and a charade. God says to 'love thy neighbor' and not to covet 'any thing' that is thy neighbor's, and not to 'bear false witness against thy neighbor'. No nation is perfect, but I would say Christianity has been rejected and never took hold in the Russian heart.
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There are many very brave men and women in the world willing to stand up and defeat the Russian beasts. Russia no longer threatens just Ukraine. It threatens the whole world as it has for 900 years. It is time to end Russia permanently…