Continuing reports that the Kremlin's military has deployed troops with the mission of shooting retreating soldiers appeared possibly confirmed on Monday with the appearance of battlefield video showing three armed Russian soldiers shooting at seven or more of their fellows as they ran away.

The video was claimed first to be published by Ishchi Svoikh, a Ukrainian volunteer-run channel with the declared mission of helping relatives of Russian soldiers killed in combat.

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The 14-second drone video seems to show three armed Russian soldiers confronting seven retreating Russian soldiers, of whom six had discarded their weapons and most had thrown away their helmets.

The three, armed men are seen to fire into the air and, possibly, directly at two of the retreating soldiers. The unarmed soldiers all fall to the ground, but it is not clear whether any were injured by the gunfire.


The Telegram channel offered no date or location of the incident, saying only members of a “barrier unit” had shot Russian army service personnel.

UNIAN, a major Ukrainian news agency, on Monday confirmed the drone video’s authenticity and said that “barrier troops,” which are units with the mission of preventing soldiers running away from battle, using lethal force if necessary, have been deployed with the Russian army in Ukraine for months.

The British Ministry of Defense reported in November of last year that Russia had “probably started deploying ‘barrier troops’ or ‘blocking units.’”

Why Russia Is a Terrorist State
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Why Russia Is a Terrorist State

It’s high time that the UK government and other democracies call a spade a spade and designate Russia as a terrorist state. This will facilitate a just peace that does not reward the aggressor.

It added: “These units threaten to shoot their own retreating soldiers in order to compel offensives and have been used in previous conflicts by Russian forces.”


The Russian independent news agency Astra, in a May 27 report, published video recorded by members of the Russia’s 72nd Brigade, a unit deployed to the Bakhmut sector and, according to reports from Ukrainian units on the other side, suffering from poor morale.

In the video, the Russians soldiers accuse 72nd Brigade commander Roman Venevitin of having threatened soldiers assigned to the unit with execution, and their immediate commanders, for leaving an assigned position without orders. One soldier in the recording, identified as Major Aleksandr Prikazchikov, says he withdrew a unit from an attack because it received no support and it was not trained for assault, and was stopped by barrier troops who threatened to shoot him and his men dead.


Evgeney Prigozhin, head of the Russian mercenary group Wagner, confirmed in mid-May that his private company used security troops with orders to shoot cowards to back up assaults.

On May 24 he said his formation would have to leave the Bakhmut sector because in six months of fighting it had taken more than 20,000 troops killed in action.

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In real time, the Russian military is disintegrating.A
E A Morgan-Coakle
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KP is a great news site. Verified facts are critical in reporting the Truth, preferable to opinion. These boys 19 ? years old deserve to live. Surrender is a better option. Fair treatment for POWs by Ukraine is an important message that needs to be sent out again and again. How can Putin win if his troops obviously do not believe in his self deluded lies?

I support
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@E A Morgan-Coakle, true never become your enemy if they wanted to surrender they didn't deserve to be murdered.
William Spillman
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If this continues, the ordinary Russian soldiers who don't want to be cannon fodder might start a revolution against the regular Russian military hierarchy and its blocking troops (murderers) ...
I support
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Moral is high we are winning Russia horse shit as usual.