Deputy Defense Minister of Ukraine, Oleksandr Pavlyuk, announced on June 29 that the Ministry of Defense will undertake thorough assessments of the heads of territorial recruitment and social support centers to ensure their adherence to ethical standards and the effective execution of their official responsibilities.

To facilitate this process, a specialized task force comprising members from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption, the State Bureau of Investigation, the Security Service of Ukraine, and the National Police will be established.

 The group will analyze task implementation and consider information submitted by the public. An essential focus of their scrutiny will be to assess the alignment of declarations with the actual lifestyle of military personnel.


“The president has entrusted me with the responsibility of forming a working group. Given the prevalent negativity in the public domain concerning the functioning of territorial recruitment centers, this initiative is of utmost importance,” stated Pavlyuk.

However, due to logistical constraints, a comprehensive inspection on a large scale may not be feasible. Instead, the obtained data will be thoroughly evaluated, leading to proposals for the government to enhance the operations of military enlistment offices.

 The ground forces will also be actively engaged in supporting these efforts and facilitating the investigation into the unlawful enrichment of Yevhen Borisov, the former head of the Odesa Military Commissariat.

Top Officials Wealth May Have Gone Up During War – Economic Pravda Report
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Top Officials Wealth May Have Gone Up During War – Economic Pravda Report

The news site’s report found that every sixth official had bought an apartment or house, and every third one a car. Meanwhile, officials’ savings also increased.

This decision arose following an investigation that exposed Borisov's family acquiring multi-million-dollar real estate and vehicles on the Spanish coast, despite being amidst a full-scale war. It was revealed that Borisov had registered properties in Marbella under the name of his retired mother.

On June 23, David Arakhamia, chairman of the Servant of the People party in the Verkhovna Rada, initiated an examination of all regional territorial recruitment centers after the scandal involving the Odesa Military Commissariat's head.


Furthermore, on June 28, the Operational Command South announced the dismissal of Borisov from his position.

Additionally, on June 29, the Office of the General Prosecutor’s official website disclosed that requests had been dispatched to competent authorities in Spain, Moldova, Romania, and Turkey as part of an investigation into potential illicit enrichment, evasion of military service, and abuse of office by the former head of the Odesa Regional Military Commissariat.

The Office of the General Prosecutor stated, “Currently, over 30 witnesses have been interviewed in the ongoing criminal proceedings, encompassing 11 searches, 17 inspections, and temporary access orders. More than 100 requests have been submitted to state authorities, enterprises, institutions, and organizations. Additionally, three tax audits have been conducted to scrutinize the economic activities of the official's family members.”

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