Russian military forces launched a barrage of heavy shelling on the city center of Kherson overnight. The intense bombardment caused damage to residential buildings, igniting fires and resulting in one fatality and multiple injuries to residents and emergency responders.

“At approximately 00:50, the aggressors targeted a residential structure,” Oleksandr Prokudin, the head of the Kherson regional military administration, announced via Telegram on Monday, August 7.

He added: “Eight residents were diagnosed with situational neurotic reactions, and one person with limited mobility was subsequently hospitalized.”

Another attack on Kherson occurred half an hour later, resulting in the tragic death of a 59-year-old woman and injuries to a 60-year-old man due to an artillery shell striking their home.


Approximately an hour later, yet another attack transpired. According to Prokudin’s account, “around 03:15, the Russian forces launched another assault on a residence,” leading to the injury of a 93-year-old woman.

Additionally, the intense fires ignited by the attack resulted in two firefighters suffering from heatstroke.

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Maple leaf
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They will pay for these murders of civilians.
I support
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There you have it they didn't do anything in the first invasion Nato that is. Now it's holy shit! He really meant it so now they are freaked out and playing catch up thats why the counter offensive took so long to get started. Like what Perry said you cannot fight with what you don't have. Like fighting a counter offensive with almost no airsuppot.
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What is happening in the counter battery fight? Civilian deaths should be immediately and massively avenged by artillery counter strike

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@David, Ukraine does not have enough artillery pieces nor the shells or missiles they would need to support proper counter-battery operations.

Russia started this war with at least 10 times the number of artillery pieces and likely 20-40 times the number of artillery shells and artillery missiles in stock from the Soviet Union than what Ukraine and the western countries had, which largely had dismantled their stocks and the factories needed to produce large quantities of replacements to take advantage of "peace dividends."

You cannot fight with what you don't have.