Ukraine's defense ministry has released a remarkable video of an FPV drone strike on a Russian vehicle – complete with the gleeful real-time reaction of its pilot.

It shows a young drone operator, wearing a virtual reality headset as he guides his kamikaze drone in a chase after a Russian military cargo truck along the road. He gets more and more excited as the drone approaches the vehicle, before finally flying it over the tailboard and into the body of the truck.

A wider shot, from another drone, shows the moment the drone enters the cargo bay and detonates, after which the truck drives on burning from the explosion before disappearing from sight.

The post comments that the video shows: “The hand of a master. The border guards of the ‘Steel Border’ could compete with the jewelers of Antwerp. Watch for yourself.”


Comments attached to the post point out that the truck appears to be empty while, in response, others point out that the drone achieved its aim of destroying the Russian asset.

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