In a single night, Ukrainian forces obliterated more than $7 million worth of Russian equipment with the assistance of a covert domestic drone, Kyiv has claimed.


"The secret Ukrainian drone is in action - the Russians are losing equipment worth over $7 million in a single night. The operators of the 'Army of Drones' have created a real hell for the occupiers," announced Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, Mykhailo Fedorov, via his Telegram on Tuesday, September 26.



The UAV strike company, known as "Achilles," from the 92nd separate assault brigade, targeted Russian T-80 and T-72 tanks, as well as D-30 howitzers, he added.


"This is the result of the efforts of skilled fighters and the Ukrainian drone, which the occupiers fear greatly," Fedorov said.



He pledged to reveal more about the drone itself following Ukraine's victory. "Let it remain a 'pleasant' surprise for the enemies," he added.


This is not the first time that the 92nd Armored Brigade has showcased similar results. Yuriy Fedorenko, the commander of the 92nd OShBr assault company "Achilles," said that on September 14, his fighters successfully neutralized five D-20 guns using FPV drones.


"The D-20 is a towed gun that the enemy rapidly deploys for firing on our front lines," Fedorenko said.


And here's some further reading about the situation facing Russian troops courtesy of Ukraine's HUR and their eavesdropping unit:

Lithuanian Minister Urges Greater Freedom for Ukraine to Strike Russia
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Lithuanian Minister Urges Greater Freedom for Ukraine to Strike Russia

Landsbergis supported Macron's proposal to send military trainers to Ukraine, stressing the importance of allowing Ukraine to fully utilize the provided equipment.


Elsewhere in other drone news, on Sunday multiple members of a Russian air regiment, along with their security service colleagues, were killed or injured while inspecting a Ukrainian kamikaze drone that they had hijacked and landed at an airfield in Kursk, Russia.


According to a source within Ukrainian military intelligence (HUR) who spoke with the Kyiv Post, the UAV was intercepted using advanced radio-electronic warfare techniques and skillfully landed on the runway at the Halino airfield.



Eager to examine their newfound 'trophy,' the leadership of the regiment stationed at the airfield, accompanied by members of the FSB, decided to conduct an inspection.


However, their excitement was abruptly cut short when the drone detonated while they were in the process of photographing and examining it.


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