Israeli journalist Sergei Grankin has compared the current actions of Hamas militants in Israel and the actions of Russian forces in Ukraine.

Speaking on air on one of the TV channels on Sunday, Oct. 9, Grankin, who was in Ukraine during the initial stages of the Russian full-scale invasion, noted that the methods used by Hamas militants in Israel were much like those used by the Russian forces in Ukraine.

“I was in Ukraine during the first months of the war, precisely when places like Irpin, Bucha, and cities like Chernihiv and Sumy fell under occupation,” Grankin recounted.

“I saw the horrifying images and videos that people showed me on their phones. That’s exactly the same thing. They approached their victims with chilling indifference, ruthlessly gunning down men, women, and children with machine guns. They did it with a businesslike attitude as if it were just another day at work,” the journalist said.


Israeli forces continue their efforts to regain control of the desert areas surrounding the Gaza Strip while also conducting evacuations in the conflict-ridden border region.

The death toll from the ongoing war with Hamas had risen to over 1,100 by the third day of hostilities.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a warning on Sunday, Oct. 8, urging Israel to brace for an extended and challenging conflict. Tens of thousands of Israeli troops were deployed to confront remaining Hamas fighters in the southern region.

Russia Tries to Advance Before Ukraine’s F-16s Arrive, Says Syrsky
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Russia Tries to Advance Before Ukraine’s F-16s Arrive, Says Syrsky

Kyiv’s Commander-in-Chief said Russia is now working hard to erode Ukraine’s forces the best it can before F-16s arrive and strengthen Ukrainian skies.

This came in response to a surprise attack by the Palestinian militant group Hamas, which originated from Gaza.

The attack involved a barrage of rockets and the infiltration of fighters who targeted civilians and took over 100 hostages.

As of Monday, Oct. 9, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reported that over 700 Israelis died since the commencement of Hamas’ large-scale assault. This marked Israel’s most significant loss of life since the 1973 Arab-Israeli war.

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