Israel’s ambassador to Ukraine has said that while both countries are now at war they are “fundamentally different conflicts,” despite Iran’s involvement in providing weapons and military support for both Russia and Hamas.

In an  interview with Kyiv Post, Michael Brodsky said he did not believe Iran’s claims that it was not involved in the ongoing assault by Hamas on Israel, or in “certain wars and conflicts in various parts of the world.”

He added: “And, of course, Iran’s military cooperation with anyone cannot be allowed.”

KP: Please tell us the current situation in Israel.

The cleansing of populated areas in Israel where terrorists have infiltrated is now being completed. In some places, fighting is still ongoing, but, for the most part, all terrorists in Israel have already been eliminated.


Israel is moving on to the next stage of the operation, the goal of which is to destroy the infrastructure of terror in the Gaza Strip. Some 300,000 reservists have been mobilized, and ground operations in the Gaza Strip are expected to begin soon.

How did this attack occur?

It is not difficult to say why the attack occurred. Hamas does not hide its intention to destroy Israel, to destroy Israelis.

And what exactly happened, why there was an effect of surprise, I think we can answer later after an investigation has been carried out. Israel is focused on destroying Hamas, preventing additional casualties among Israeli civilians, and stopping rocket attacks. And therefore, we will look for answers to all the complex questions of how and why later.

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Do you draw a parallel between the Hamas attack on Israel and the Russian attack on Ukraine?

I think that any parallels would be incorrect. These are fundamentally different conflicts.

Ukraine faces a nuclear power; we are at war with well-prepared and motivated terrorist organizations.

On the one hand, there are, of course, similarities, but on the other hand, these are fundamentally different conflicts.


How do you assess the role of the Russian Federation in this situation with the Hamas attack?

I don’t want to speculate and evaluate the role of different countries. The only thing I can say is that we absolutely clearly understand that all support for terrorist organizations, both in the Middle East and in the world in general, is largely Iranian support, and much indicates that Iran provoked this attack on Israel.

You said that Iran is undoubtedly helping Hamas, so you don't believe Iran's claim that it is not involved?

No, just as we do not believe in other statements by Iran about non-involvement in certain wars and conflicts in various parts of the world.

If Hamas and Iran are defeated in Israel, could this lead to Russia's defeat in Ukraine in the future?

I don't know if these two situations are directly related. This is the wrong wording of the question; I am sure that Hamas will be defeated and Israel will do everything to ensure that the infrastructure of terror in Gaza ceases to exist.

You are not drawing parallels between Hamas, Iran, and Russia in Ukraine, correct?

No, we do not draw such parallels, we are busy with what is happening in the Middle East and busy defending the State of Israel.


On October 18, UN restrictions expire, which will allow Iran to officially sell its missiles and drones, for example, in Russia. How dangerous is this for Israel?

Any arms sale or transfer of Iranian weapons to any country or any entity is a potential danger for Israel because these weapons could end up in the hands of terrorists. Therefore, we are in favor of sanctions not just being continued against Iran, but being tightened. And, of course, Iran’s military cooperation with anyone cannot be allowed.

Considering that Iran even now provides Russia with drones that attack Ukraine and kill both civilians and Ukrainian military personnel.

Yes, absolutely, right.

Now Russian propaganda has claimed that weapons provided to Ukraine by Western countries ended up in the hands of Hamas. What do you think about it?

We have no confirmation of this.

How do you assess the security guarantees provided to Israel by the United States? Are they effective?

The USA is our closest ally and strategic partner. And we know that we can always count on help from the United States if we need it.

Have the Americans provided enough aid for Israel now?

I know that Israel has made certain requests to the United States, and these requests will be fulfilled.


Should we expect Israel to increase its military assistance to Ukraine in the near future?

Let's solve our problem first. We are faced with a terrible wave of terror. We need to protect ourselves first. We, like Ukraine, are now at war.

You know that martial law has been officially declared in Israel. Therefore, I propose to wait until the end of our war, and then talk about some other issues.

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