The death toll in Hroza village, located in the Kharkiv region, has increased to 53 people following a Russian missile attack. This information was confirmed by Serhiy Bolvinov, head of the Investigation Department of the Kharkiv region police, during a press briefing on Oct. 10.

Criminologists have identified 53 victims, with the death toll officially increasing by two people. However, these numbers are subject to change as DNA examinations are still underway, and five individuals remain missing.

“We have identified 53 people who have died as of now,” Bolvinov said. “Therefore, we can say that today we have increased the number of dead. And taking into account the still unidentified body parts and statements about missing persons, the final number may increase.”

Bolvinov said that 22 missing persons reports were filed with the police. Four of these reports were later disproven as the individuals were found alive. Thirteen were identified among the deceased, while five people are yet to be located.


Identification efforts have been ongoing, with 135 body remains examined, and DNA laboratories operating continuously for the past five days. A total of 288 DNA tests have been conducted to assist in the identification process.

“From the first minute, despite the most difficult moral conditions, we collected the remains of those killed in the village of Hroza and identified these people,” Bolvinov said. “We examined 135 body remains. We are still doing this. DNA laboratories are working around the clock for the fifth day. Forensics and investigators, too.”

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The missile strike on Hroza Village occurred on Oct. 5. The attack, involving an Iskander missile, resulted in 52 casualties, marking it as the deadliest incident since the beginning of the full-scale war. Four individuals remain unaccounted for.

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