The Russian military has begun employing a new type of drone in their attacks on Ukraine which has been dubbed a "lawn mower"due to its distinctive noise.

Speaking at the TV marathon on Monday morning, Oct. 23, Yuri Ihnat, the spokesperson for the AFU Air Forces, stated that the exact category of these drones is currently unknown but they were observed in the Kyiv region on the late night of Oct. 22

According to him, these drones are put together using easily available materials and parts, and their assembly costs no more than a few hundred dollars. This makes them an affordable option for disrupting Ukrainian air defenses.

"They put them together with regular components, like engines that can be bought online. Anyone with access to aviation modeling resources can build a basic framework for these drones. The enemy employs such means to attack us from various directions and challenge our air defense," Ihnat explained.


The nickname "lawn mower" comes from the distinct humming sound these drones make. However, Ihnat clarified that this sound doesn't significantly affect their ability to be detected and intercepted. Detection primarily relies on radar systems and visual observations.

The payload capacity and potential damage caused by these drones have not been definitively determined yet. Ihnat acknowledged the difficulty in assessing these details but emphasized the need to address and counter this new threat.

"It is difficult to determine now how much damage they are able to cause. But despite this, it is an issue that needs to be responded to, an aerial vehicle which needs to be destroyed, which, in fact, was done today," he added.

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Russia's FSB said the woman had been "proactively collecting funds... which were subsequently used to purchase tactical medical items, equipment, and ammunition for the Ukrainian armed forces".

Ukrainian military forces successfully neutralized all Russia-launched targets during the late night of Oct 22 and early morning of Oct. 23. due to the effective coordination of anti-aircraft missile units, mobile firing groups, and Air Forces aviation, working with Ukraine's Air Defence Forces.

They intercepted 13 "Shaheds," one X-59 guided aviation missile, and an unidentified type of strike UAV.

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