Speaking at the Grain from Ukraine conference in Kyiv on Saturday, Nov. 25, President Volodymyr Zelensky revealed that partner countries have committed to transferring warships to Ukraine to enhance the safety of vessels navigating the critical "grain corridor" in the Black Sea.

Zelensky hailed the establishment and operation of the "grain corridor" as one of the notable achievements of the year.

"We have reached agreements with our partners and will provide sea escorts to ensure the safety of ships," explained President Zelensky during the conference.

He emphasized that specific agreements for receiving the warships have already been made, making it a near-future reality.

Additionally, President Zelensky highlighted that the Odesa region will receive better protection through the deployment of additional air defense systems, a measure that has been coordinated and agreed upon with Ukraine's international partners.


"A very specific request has already been sent to the partners, and I can say that it has already been agreed. Soon this region will be protected by a very powerful air defense. Not only the ships are important to us, but also the people living there," Zelensky stressed.

Russia has been pounding Odesa, a centuries-old city on the shores of the Black Sea and one of Ukraine's main ports, since Moscow withdrew from a grain deal last month that allowed Kyiv's exports despite the war. 

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The landmark deal had allowed the shipment of around 33 million tonnes of grain to leave Ukrainian ports.

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