An intercepted call between two Russian soldiers heard them discussing the fact that Wagner mercenaries are “slowly returning” to Ukraine's front lines after the failed rebellion in June.

“These guys from Wagner are here training us. Well, they are slowly returning, too,” a Russian soldier who is deployed in Ukraine says in the call released by Ukraine's Military Intelligence Directorate (HUR).

“F*ck them, there's a whole company of f**ing scouts, well, stormtroopers. Our scouts are also Wagner. Our warrant officer is also from there,” the serviceman adds.

Later the soldier laments that he has been forced to purchase his weapons himself, given that the military command hasn't provided him with anything. 

“A military escort shop came here and sold armor. Can you imagine 60,000 rubles (around $670)?” the soldier emotionally complains.


“Yeah, our guys paid 150,000 [$1660] for this sh*t. We went to Severodonetsk (a city in occupied Luhansk Oblast), and the guys went there, and the prices were outrageous for uniforms and everything else,” his colleague replies.

“Yeah, you fight for them, and they, in turn, sell you the ammunition for three times the original price.”

Then the soldier appears to discredit Moscow’s official assessments on the causes of casualties, saying that most Russian troops in Ukraine are being killed by artillery, mortars, or Ukrainian drones, not by small arms.

Ukraine Urges West to Give it Frozen Russian Assets
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Ukraine Urges West to Give it Frozen Russian Assets

Calls have been mounting in Washington and Europe to set up a fund for Ukraine using billions of dollars in Russia assets frozen by the West over Moscow's 2022 invasion.

“They [military authorities] say that most of the losses are from small arms, with only 3 percent of the casualties from assault rifles. That’s just sh*t! [Our] people die from mortars, from air strikes, but not from small arms at all. Yeah, yeah, the artillery, mortars, drones, all that shit.”

While the authenticity of the call has not been confirmed, both Ukrainian, Russian and independent sources confirm Russia is currently suffering huge losses, with daily rates of soldiers being killed approaching an all-time high.


Recently Kyiv Post  interviewed Maria* who works as one of Ukrainian intelligence’s professional eavesdroppers and spoke about the shocking things she hears.

Russia regularly dismisses the content of intercepted calls published by Ukraine, saying they are faked, a claim Kyiv Post put to Maria. She said: “Yes, they all are real even though they might seem insane. Sometimes I can’t believe the words I’m hearing myself, but we have what we have.”

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