Russia’s massive missile and drone attack on Ukraine on Friday cost at least $1.273 billion, according to an analysis by Ekonomichna Pravda.

The bulk of the missiles fired by the Russian armed forces were X-101s, each one costing around $13 million.

According to the Ukrainian Air Force, 90 were launched on Friday at a total cost of $1.17 billion.

Russia also fired:

  • 5 X-47M2 Kinzhal aerial ballistic missiles which cost upwards of $10 million each, adding another $50 million to the total
  • 8 X-22/X-32 cruise missiles, each of which costs about $1 million
  • 14 Iskander-M ballistic missiles costing $3 million
  • 4 X-31P anti-radar missiles and one X-59 missile, which cost $0.5 million each
  • 36 Iranian Shahed-136/131 strike drones in the attack, each of which cost around $20 thousand to $50 thousand.

Thus, according to the calculations of Ekonomichna Pravda, the attack cost Russia $1,273,220,000.

Of course, Ukraine paid a far higher price – so far 26 people are known to have been killed and more than 130 injured.

In March 2020, Russia set aside $135.7 million to build a new state-of-the-art hospital – it could build nearly 10 more for the money spent on today's attacks.

Of the missiles fired in the attack, the X-22 is posing a particular problem for Ukrainian air defenses.


Since the launch of the full-scale invasionRussian forces have fired around 300 X-22 missiles at Ukraine, none of which have been intercepted and shot down, a Kyiv official said on Friday.

Speaking just hours after a massive attack on cities across Ukraine, Air Force spokesperson Yurii Ihnat said this and a modified version of the missile were likely some of those that made it past air defenses today.

“The X-22 missile flies at a speed of four thousand kilometers per hour, it enters its target mostly along a ballistic trajectory, so special means are needed to intercept it,” he told national television.

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Kyiv has in recent weeks been weakened by an ammunition shortage and vital US aid remains blocked by political wrangling in the US Congress.

In 2000, Ukraine transferred 386 X-22 missiles to Russia as an installment against the gas debt.

These have since been used to target Ukrainian cities in attacks like the one this morning.


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Kiwi Steve
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What on earth would Russia need ten new state of the art hospitals for, after all it's not like they have a bunch of severely injured soldiers coming back from a war they didn't start, needing to be rehabilitated.
Support Ukraine
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Aggressor countries hope to destroy 10 hospitals (and other soft targets) in the countries they attack and invade, instead of investing in infrastructure to help their own citizens.
Don't hold your breath waiting for wanna-be Stalins and Hitlers to pay reparations.
War criminals R'us sia.
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Putin will only wine Ukrainian if God is death, aparty from that there know too ways about it because is not today that he started this war. And i thank God because things are not going the ways he thinks before starting the war with Ukrainian. I'm a just a common man with nothing but with God, if not i will support Ukrainian with my last money still the end of this way. Put i am praying everyday for Ukrainian. God will make Putin know that he his the one that gives him life but he is killing others know. God don't let it be long again show Putin yourself as you show Nebuganazer in the bible. Please let the NATO committee members help Ukrainian since the never give up and they will not give up by God grace. Putin will lose with shame.