Russia has launched a massive missile attack on cities across Ukraine with explosions reported in Kyiv, Odesa, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Lviv and others.

On Friday evening, Ukraine's Ministry of Internal Affairs said at least 30 people had been killed across the country and police said 160 were injured.

Reports from individual regions put the death toll as high as 27:

  • three dead and 13 injured in Kharkiv
  • four killed and 27 injured in Odesa
  • six dead and 22 injured in Kyiv
  • six dead in Dnipro. A materinty hospital is reported to have been hit.
  • one dead and 24 injured in Lviv
  • seven dead and 12 injured in Zaporizhzhia

Those numbers could rise further.

Kyiv Post reporters in the center of Kyiv counted at least nine explosions on Friday morning. The Air Force later said it had shot down more than 30 targets over the capital.

Photos and videos posted to social media showed smoke rising from at least two places in Kyiv.

One video appeared to show a fire on top of a residential building.


Ukraine's Air Force Spokesman, Yury Ihnat, said Russian forces used a variety of missiles and drones.


“We haven't seen so much red on our monitors for a very long time—across all areas, in all directions. Initially, the occupiers conducted reconnaissance through combat with the Shaheds, and then they launched missiles of various types.”

Speaking to AFP, he later said: "This is the most massive missile attack in general," adding that this tally excluded the first days of the war launched in February last year that saw "constant and uninterrupted" strikes.

In a social media post on Friday morning, President Zelensky said Russia had launched around 110 missiles at Ukraine.

Ukraine's military later said 158 missiles and drones were launched and 114 had been downed.

Ukraine Urgently Needs Western Aid to Hold Back Russians
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Ukraine Urgently Needs Western Aid to Hold Back Russians

In 2024, Ukraine has no choice but to keep fighting for survival. It requires a steady supply of Western assistance to counter the Russian offensive fueled by ramped-up military production.



UN human rights chief Volker Turk said the attacks hit a wide range of civilian infrastructure, including residential buildings, a maternity hospital, schools, kindergartens, parks, a metro station, and a shopping mall, as well as energy infrastructure.

The barrage also cut electricity in several regions, following damage to transmission lines, and rescue teams were still searching for people trapped under the rubble of residential buildings, he added.

“We will surely respond to terrorist strikes,” Zelensky said. “And we will continue to fight for the security of our entire country, every city, and every citizen.


“Russian terror must and will lose.”

The attacks come as Ukraine continues to try to seek further support and aid from its Western allies.

“We are doing everything to strengthen our air shield. But the world needs to see that we need more support and strength to stop this terror,” Ukrainian presidential aide Andriy Yermak wrote on Telegram.

The European Union's foreign policy chief Josep Borrell described the attack as "cowardly."




British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on Friday said Moscow's latest missile strikes on Ukraine showed Russian President Vladimir Putin "will stop at nothing to achieve his aim of eradicating freedom and democracy."

"We will not let him win. We must continue to stand with Ukraine –- for as long as it takes," he added on X, formerly Twitter.

The overnight attacks came days after Ukraine struck a Russian warship in the occupied Crimean port of Feodosia in a major setback for the Russian navy, AFP reports.

Drones and missiles struck at least five other Ukrainian cities on Friday, including Kharkiv in the northeast, Lviv in the west as well as Odesa in the south, the cities' mayors and police said.


“Today, at five o'clock in the morning, the fascists' followers hit the peaceful city with S-300 missiles. Ten explosions rang out in Kharkiv,” Kharkiv region police said.

Kharkiv mayor Igor Terekhov later said there had been three waves of strikes on Friday.

France condemned Russia's "strategy of terror" in Ukraine.

"Russia is continuing its strategy of terror aimed at destroying Ukrainian civilian infrastructure in order to undermine the resilience of the Ukrainian population," the French foreign ministry said in a statement.

"France will continue to support Ukraine and provide it with the necessary assistance to enable it to exercise its self-defence, in close coordination with its partners."

The UN's humanitarian envoy for Ukraine on Friday denounced the latest wave of Russian attacks that killed at least a dozen people and wounded over 70 across the war-torn country.

"For the Ukrainian people, this is another unacceptable example of the horrifying reality they are faced with and which made 2023 another year of enormous suffering," Denise Brown said on social media.


The US government on Wednesday announced what it said was the last remaining package of weapons available for Ukraine under the existing authorization, with Congress now needing to decide whether to keep supporting Kyiv's battle against the invading Russians.


President Joe Biden has made backing Ukraine a priority and US weapons and financial assistance have been crucial in helping the pro-Western country battle against a far larger attacking Russian force.

However, right-wing Republicans have led a push to halt the effort, refusing to authorize new budget outlays if the Democrats do not first agree to tough new measures against illegal migration over the US southern border.

Some other Western countries have also wavered in their support for continued military supplies for Ukraine in recent weeks as the second anniversary of the war looms in February.

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Denys Davydov
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This comment contains spoilers. Click here if you want to read.

Russia fails to understand what these massive attacks do for Western support for Ukraine. Here in Western Canada, all the news channels are lit up with this latest Russian terror! Renewed focus that Russia must be stopped!
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Can people who are saying there should be a compromise please remember that Russia has kidnapped Ukrainian children and moved them to Russia, into homes where they are undoubtably suffering abuses of their human rights at the minimum.

It's not only against the law, it breaks all known rules of morality. The Russian families housing the child refugees are complicit in a crime, they know full well where the child belongs.

As a father of two I would scour the earth to find my child and even in death I would search the afterlife to find those responsible.

If you think Ukraine must give up it's territory you are not a parent, are you even human? Nobody is allowing their chiild to suffer and just forget about them because Donald Trump says it will save a few dollars.
S Wolfskin
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@Soulful just how?? Do you dont like free speech?? you laughed when Moscow was burning now feel the wrath. You can delete all my comments, admin can block me but you cannot block the truth haunting you.
George Washington
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It's about time for a ceasefire! It is ridiculous to think that Ukraine can drive the Russians out without horrible casualties!
Beau bidenish
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Moscow should be relentlessly attacked. Biden has sabotaged the ability for Ukraine to properly arm itself with arms capable of reaching Moscow. Biden is the Ukraine’s number 1 enemy yet, Zelensky and others bow down to the brain dead fake president

George Washington
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@Beau bidenish, Escalate, escalate, escalate. What would be enough escalataion for you, if Russia put a "low yeild" nuke on Chornobly for attacking Moscow??????? And for what? So that the Russians in Donbas will pay their taxes to Kyiv instead of Moscow??!!!
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take this crazy butthead Zelensky out! It's time to capitulate! Or how many people have to die until capitulation? you can count from now on. senseless dead. All because of this proud and stupid man

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@Beavis,...seems lots of putin / MAGA trolls like Beavis are online today. How about this instead "putin get your criminal invading thugs out of Ukraine immediately.....stop senselessly murdering the citizens of that self determining nation"

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@John, hey John, our motto here in west europe is "never again war". some media here writes there could have been peace in 2022 but ukraine didn't want. so...

This comment contains spoilers. Click here if you want to read.

@Beavis, Ukraine was invaded by Russia with intent to subjugate it fully to russia's authoritarian rule. Ukraine being aware of Russia's genocidal attack continues to valiantly fight back. Russia has violated numerous international laws and humanitarian principles in regards to Ukraine. You are mistaken in thinking a fair peace deal was ever offered....what was offered was a tenuous arrangement with a chronic lier (putin) which would legitimize Russia's theft and future extortion of Ukraine. Why should Ukraine concede anything to a criminal russian thug. Why do people like you defend Russia's actions and continue to spread putin's lies:...obviously because they are russian paid trolls.

Ukraine's Allies are all now fully aware of putins regime's chronic lying and crimes. The tone of a putin's troll is easily recognizable. Their words are worthless lies.

There...made you waste some more time on me 'beavis'....a simple foreign volunteer helping Ukraine to defend it's democracy. I am happy to cost putin resources anyway I can. In fact I'm now having fun doing it. I'll await your response?

This comment contains spoilers. Click here if you want to read.

@John, nice to hear from you. The main thing is that you have fun. I am not for Putin, I am not for Zelensky. As I said, all of us here in Europe are against war. We condemn all those who choose to shoot and kill instead of talking and negotiating. This war too will end one day. And guess how. Grow up John.
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Every day, Ukraine grows stronger and Russia weaker.
The losses for Russia are unsustainable and eventually, they will lose this war.

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@Imokru2, Please be sensible. read the international press this will give you the answers.

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@Beavis, Russian or MAGA troll.....we shall shortly see. Same speaking points, but the MAGA trolls resort to profanity very quickly when confronted.

Russia you will lose this war. As with past Tsars, putin will fall at the hands of his own oppressed people.