A nighttime Ukrainian drone attack ignited a Russian oil depot in the Kursk region near the border between the two countries, Russian authorities reported Thursday, with sources from Ukraine's Military Intelligence, as cited by Kyiv Post, confirming the information.

According to these sources, it was a "successful special operation of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine (HUR)."

Regional governor Roman Starovoit stated on social media that there were no casualties, urging the local population to remain calm.

"Following a Ukrainian drone attack in the Kursk region, a fire has broken out in an oil depot," Starovoit announced on Telegram.

Ukraine has escalated its drone and missile attacks on Russian territory in recent months, particularly targeting Russia's energy and military installations.


In anticipation of the second anniversary of Russia's offensive against its neighbor on Feb. 24, both sides have been carrying out daily drone and missile attacks against each other.

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Good shot Ukraine!

It is wrong both strategically and morally for any western ally to gimp Ukraine's ability to reciprocate missile attacks within Russia. With solely Kremlin supplied propaganda, most russian voters remain oblivious and sheltered from their evil their leader perpetrates.

Sadly the only way to wake them up, and extend the consequences of putins crimes in terms they will understand, seems to be to blow stuff up within russia itself.

Russia should not be allowed to bomb Ukraine without russian voters expecting a similar retaliation.

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The Western world benefits from what happens between Ukraine and Russia for the following reasons :

1. To weaken the Russian regime ...
2 . Increase their influence worldwide and contain the Chinese rise and expansion ...
3 . Sell weapons and renew their stocks in the reserves of weapons ...
4 . Try their products ...
5 . Benefit more from the natural Russian resources at less prices ...

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It’s a nightmare isn’t it Vlad?