As the broader aid package for Ukraine remains gridlocked in Congress, sources familiar with the matter reveal to the Bloomberg news outlet that the Biden administration is contemplating accessing approximately $200 million from US Army funding to offer immediate assistance to Ukraine.

This potential allocation could cover crucial weaponry, supplies, and equipment, addressing Ukraine's urgent need amidst an artillery shortage exacerbated by recent territorial gains by Russian forces.

However, this proposed funding is notably minuscule compared to President Joe Biden's request for over $61 billion in aid for Ukraine, a plea that has yet to gain traction in Congress.

Previously, White House officials had downplayed the possibility of accessing additional resources for Ukraine's benefit.


Although a final decision remains pending, according to one source, the White House remains committed to advocating for the passage of a national security supplemental bill in the US House.

Officials are optimistic about its potential overwhelming approval if brought to a vote, with President Biden set to reiterate this plea during his upcoming State of the Union address.

Ukraine's alert to its allies in late January highlighted its dire shortage of artillery shells, signaling its military's struggle against Russia's superior firepower along a frontline spanning 1,500 kilometers (930 miles).

In response, European Union nations, led by the Czech Republic, are coordinating efforts to procure around 800,000 rounds of ammunition from non-EU countries in the coming weeks.

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This initiative comes after the EU fell short of fulfilling its pledge to provide Kyiv with one million artillery shells by this month's deadline.

Although EU member states only delivered half of the committed amount, they have committed to ramping up production capacity to fulfill about 1.4 million units by year-end.

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