In an intercepted phone call, released by Ukrainian intelligence (HUR), a Russian soldier tells a woman thought to be his wife that the Kremlin is sending disabled people and prisoners, referring to them as “garbage,” to the front line.

“All the rabble, all the garbage that was in Russia was gathered and thrown to the front,” the man said. “Disabled people, f*****g prisoners who were in prison their whole life.”

In the call, which the HUR posted on Telegram Thursday, March 7, the man complains that untrained soldiers are sent to combat and slaughtered shortly after.

“They sent 16 f****g people, and they went 20 meters into the assault, because they were an assault brigade. They walked 20 meters and got f****d. That's how s****y it is here,” he says.


The man says that 1.5 km away, in the Krasno-Lyman direction, there is a landing, which he calls “trident.” A trident, or “tryzub” is a Ukrainian national symbol and coat of arms.

“If you look at it from the satellite, it looks like a trident,” he says, continuing that two companies of the Russian army were killed there.

“Not to lie, about 600 of our people have already died there in the one-and-a-half months of this assault. Has anyone said anything about this on TV?” he asks his wife.

While the Ukrainian army “may have fewer people” they “cover everything with artillery,” the man said.

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British Defence Intelligence Update Ukraine 12 July 2024

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“These [Ukrainians] are fighting back well, f**k, they are more f*****g accurate, they shoot more often, f**k, they have a bigger throw, more shells,” the Russian soldier says in the recording.

“And our guys don't have any?” the woman asks.

“Yes, we do. It's just that it’s not used for f**k's sake. They don't let us f*****g shoot, only three to four f*****g shells, no more.

It should be noted that the date of the recording was not released and in recent battles, Ukrainian troops have spoken of severe ammunition shortages and firing fewer rounds than the Russians.


The man also talks about the failed rebellion of the former head of the Russian state-funded Wagner private military company, Yevgeny Prigozhin, last summer – when Prigozhin and his soldiers marched toward Moscow.

The Wagner mercenaries had taken control of Rostov on Don and the headquarters of the Southern Military District in the city. They were advancing toward Moscow, but Prigozhin called off the march before reaching the capital after Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko brokered a deal between Prigozhin and Russian President Vladimir Putin. However, Prigozhin died about a month later in an airplane crash.

“Wagner went to f**k Moscow, why did they go there? Because these f****s cut the supply of ammunition. And because there was no more ammunition, a lot of guys started dying,” the Russian tells the woman.

“They got f*****g pissed and went to f**k Putin and (Defense Minister) Shoigu for not f*****g supplying ammunition. Shoigu is a (derogatory term for a homosexual) there, and it's the same here.  This Shoigu is a f*****g a*****e,” he added.


The man complains that Russian media has done a poor job covering the Russo-Ukrainian war.

“They (Russian media) don't say anything – just ‘everything is f*****g amazing.’ And what about food? Sometimes there's no water here, for f**k's sake, and they never say anything either. We're doing great,’” he says.

In the last intercepted call that HUR released, a Russian Black Sea Fleet commander reveals details about the Tuesday, March 5 sinking of the Sergei Kotov naval patrol ship and a Ka-29 naval combat helicopter by Ukraine’s military intelligence forces using naval drones.

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