In a newly intercepted conversation, a Russian Black Sea Fleet commander revealed details of the sinking of the Sergei Kotov naval patrol ship and a Ka-29 naval combat helicopter by Ukraine’s military intelligence forces using naval drones early Tuesday morning.

According to the transcript shared by the Ukrainian Main Intelligence Directorate (HUR), the commander of the Russian vessel’s 184th Naval Brigade detailed the Ukrainian force’s successful attack with five unmanned surface vessels (USV) that destroyed the patrol ship on Tuesday, March 5.

In the original transcript, the Russian naval officer says a “plane” went down with the ship, along with an AK-176 shipborne artillery piece and over 600 weapons. Telegram posts later reported that the aircraft was not a plane but a Ka-29 multi-purpose naval combat helicopter that reportedly sank on board the patrol vessel. 


“Accordingly, at 00:50, a total of five unmanned boats [USVs] launched an attack on the small patrol ship Kotov, which, along with our vessel, was on combat duty for air defense and thus under my command. It came under attack by the five [USVs],” the Russian military officer said in an intercepted call.

The Russian naval forces fought the Ukrainian attack for 40 minutes without success.

“I don’t know how they fought them for 40 minutes. In 40 minutes, there was information that there were 5 [USVs] in the Kotov area. There was also a plane there, the ship itself, f**k, with AK-176, 630 weapons,” he added.

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The representative of Ukrainian Military Intelligence (HUR), Andriy Yusov, confirmed that Tuesday’s operation was the second attempt to destroy the Russian ship, indicating careful planning.

“There were two attacks in total. Today’s attack was a long-term operation that was meticulously prepared for,” Yusov told Radio Liberty.

The extent of casualties among Russian soldiers is yet undetermined, with the possibility of some crew members evacuating.


“The enemy called for at least 10 ambulances, indicating an evacuation operation,” Yusov said.

“The enemy planned to install anti-aircraft missile systems on the ship,” Yusov said.

The Russian patrol ship Sergei Kotov previously participated in the attack on Zmiinyi Island and is now reunited with the cruiser Moskva, according to the HUR representative.

Telegram posts later in the day reported the lost aircraft to be a Ka-29 naval helicopter, possibly parked on the ship’s helipad during the attack. The claims had not been independently verified at the time of publication.

Photo: Telegram screenshot showing Ka-29.

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