Kyrylo Budanov, the head of Ukraine’s military intelligence service (HUR), referred to protests during the latest presidential “elections” in Russia as a “ballot box riot.” He said that “such a large number of spoiled ballots and boxes have never been seen anywhere in the world,” according to the press service of the HUR.

“Whatever result the Russian Central Election Commission writes is fake, as the elections did not take place not only in the border regions. A vast number of polling stations will not have the opportunity to count the ballots due to Russian activists spoiling them, realizing the vileness of these ‘elections’," Budanov said to the Forum of Russian Volunteers on Sunday, March 17.

According to Budanov, “the limited military operation by Russian armed groups opposed to Putin in Belgorod and Kursk regions of the Russian Federation is only the beginning of the struggle for their home country.


“Citizens of the Russian Federation have decided to liberate their country from the grip of the old man and his minions who usurped power, unlawfully altered the Constitution, and live in a parallel reality alongside their cronies. The war against Putin's regime is a legitimate right of citizens to demand justice," he added.

Budanov said that Putin understands that he is increasingly perceived by global leaders, notably China, as an unstable ruler incapable of maintaining order during elections within his own country.

5 Things to Know From Budanov’s BBC Interview
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5 Things to Know From Budanov’s BBC Interview

In an interview with BBC, Ukraine’s intelligence chief said the upcoming months would be “difficult” but not “catastrophic,” and touched on the recent downing of Russian jets among other topics.

"He presents himself as feeble in the eyes of both his nation and elites. It's a weakness that he dreads the most. The current events unfolding in the Russian Federation serve to undermine the regime as a whole, and Putin personally. We must use this vulnerability and make it an additional weapon.” he said.

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I like how Budanov pokes fun at putin. Often reminds me of that tongue in cheek British humour the world so enjoys. Humour in a time of war is important.

No sane or empathetic human can remain loyal to despot putin's regime forever.

Some may fake loyalty in fear and immorally continue to do their unethical masters' bidding. But at some point, most in close dealings with a madman know they cannot continue to serve them. They also know that questioning or leaving their madman could mean their death. 

Whose death may now be debatable question.

HUR Chief Budanov can help the russian anti-putin movement in finding the answer to that question.
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This guy here should shut up instead of talking nonsense all the time
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I have an idea why don't you just shove it up your fat shit ass
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His insane nuclear rhetoric and that of his alcoholic cronies also threatens China's wealth!